Questions for 10/12?


Drop them here!

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    Is Xbox buying Obsidian?

    Will Microsoft ever make a decent dark mode?

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    Brad, I've heard you mention in the past about quitting your old job (CPA?) to start down the path that lead your career here. What motivated you to move from having a 9-5 desk job into writing and editing about technology? Thanks!

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    Gartner's US figures for 2018Q3 PC shipments showed MSFT bursting into the top 5. Has MSFT given any hints about how well Surface Go and the rest of the Surface line are doing? Is the increase due mostly to Surface Go or to higher end devices?

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    Since Cortana is headed to enterprise and is no longer for consumers, do you think that Microsoft should rename it to something else, like “Microsoft Assistant”? “Cortana” is a game character and therefore doesn’t sound like a professional name, especially in an office environment. Also, Cortana might not be a proper name for international markets.

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    Will Microsoft add Google Calendar and Contacts support to Outlook on Windows in the near future?

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