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  1. mrpki

    How about a really hard question to end this week: What in the world went wrong with the Office 365 authentication and Azure Active Directory? Are they going to share or post a root cause analysis like Google does when they have an outage?

  2. lenalfred

    1. Is Skype and Teams on the same software platform? If not, will MSFT put Skype on the same platform as Teams since Teams is so successful? Will they ever consider consolidating the different communication apps like Teams, Skype, GroupMe, Messenger on Windows (yes, that still exist from Windows 8)
    2. I don't know if you have a Duo but if you do, can you do a review of it using the beta launcher software? There's a YouTuber who did that and he indicated that the beta launcher solved many of the software problems.
  3. madthinus

    So Surface is going cheaper. But looking at the devices and specs, is a bulkier Dell/HP clunker not a better buy?

  4. notscott

    Brad, knowing you’re a big MS Flight Sim fan, will you be 3D printing this joystick mod for your Xbox controller???

    It looks pretty fun if you have access to one - plus the plans are free thanks to Creator Akaki Kuumeri (saw article on Gamespot - credit where due)

  5. Usman

    I remember the surface go was created because an exam operator wanted cheaper surface devices. What's was the justification of the Surface Laptop Go, considering no sane consumer should purchase the 4GB/64GB model, is that a model they will sell to schools as a Chromebook alternative (considering no fingerprint reader, low specs etc).

    The screen on the Laptop Go has curved corners, this is new for Windows PCs, at first I thought it was a render, but that's the actual display. Raf also pointed out there is no developer update from the Windows team about rounded corners on displays. Is there a hint that Windows will now use rounded corner app windows like mac?

  6. bigbradbad

    Hey Brad, no Surface Pro refresh this year?

  7. anoldamigauser

    Do you think that Microsoft would have been better off leaving the phone app off the Duo and simply selling it as an always connected portable device? From the reviews I have seen it seems that people like it as a portable computer/tablet and dislike it as a phone.

    Based on your usage, if it were running some version of Windows instead of Android, how many apps would you miss?

  8. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    since the reveal of the Series S and its specs, there has been talk around some commentators that Microsoft might sell a lot more Series S consoles if they just made it a fully functional Windows 10 machine. I know you have mentioned why it won't be, but could you please reiterate the reasons why any of the Series consoles won't be a full Windows 10 machine?

    And on an ancillary question, could productivity apps be created for the Series environment, and could they be as efficient and as versatile as their desktop equivalents?

  9. agizmo

    Very important question: Is the new Surface Laptop Go lappable? Mary Jo Foley needs to know.

  10. 9to5surface

    Hey brad, 3 things

    1.Surface Neo was removed from Microsoft website, what is going to happen?

    2.Will Microsoft ever have self designed SoCs on its Suface devices SQ are not completely designed by Microsoft!

    What do you think?

    3.when will the windows 10x for single screen devices arrive?

  11. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope your doing well

    So 4 easy questions:

    1.Since the Outlook Calender is now a standalone shortcut on the Duo, do you think that it would be possible with sticky notes

    2.Do you think that some MS apps on Android could get more Desktop options, because of the Duo, like in OneNote to create a Section Group, what is not possible on Android

    3.Do you know something new about the Windows Cloud PC, it would work so awesome with the Duo

    4.Do you have some new news about availability for the Duo in europe

    Thank you have a great day ✌️

  12. thrustbucket

    I have several friends and family that have accumulated piles of xbox one and 360 discs over the years. They are casual, and are mostly interested in the Xbox Series S. So where does that leave them? There were heavy rumors of a disc to digital program brewing a few months back. I think even you reported on them, but they have dried up. Have you heard anything like this is still coming for all the people that only want the S?

  13. waethorn

    Will the x64 emulation on WOA work with all existing Windows 10 ARM SoC's or will it require new chips?

  14. derylmccarty

    Surface Duo question that you may want to look at first and then answer next week.

    What are your experiences with phone service on your SD. Have you called and answered using just the fold back functionality? If so were there are there any dropped calls?

    There is a rather lengthy conversation in Microsoft Community Forums ( on the SD Calling. Many, including MSFT think this issue is your carrier settings and "here is how to change them yourself." Some think it is software or mechanical since the dropped calls occur with one bar at home, but ok on the road with "lotsa" bars. But then there are some interesting mismatches. 0-1 bars, calls drop, but one minute later if you call or answer using a BT headset or earbuds the same call works just fine. Some say screen is too sensitive in the fold back mode, such that you are cancelling your own calls, though you don't know it. Some say that all you have to do is answer the calls and lay the phone out flat on the desk and all is okay. MSFT is being a little less communicative than normal on the issue leading some to return. I am not of that mind, I like this thing waaay too much.

    Your experience?

    Deryl (ATT, one nano bar at home where fold calls always fail, on road with 3-5 bars they never fail. BT on the Surface Headsets or in the car with BT radio connect, no fails)

  15. jficara

    Hi Brad,

    This is Joe.

    Have you heard anything about nvidia 3000 series coming back into stock?

    Any info on AMDs next gen graphics cards and how they will compare to Nvidia’s?

    I hear Zoom is being supported on Amazon devices, do you see other 3rd party non PC/Mobile devices such as Roku supporting teams?

    If you didn’t buy the Xbox series x monthly payment plan bundle with game pass what’s the next best option to get a good price on game pass?

    We are starting to see folks post reviews of Xbox series x and game load times. They are impressive. Given Sony’s focus on storage subsystem speed in their PS5 do you think this will come back to be the narrative that hurts msft Xbox sales the most once people start reviewing game load times on the PS5?

    thanks again for all your videos and taking the time to answer everyone’s questions.

  16. brothernod

    How many more billions of dollars does Microsoft have to spend to build a website that can serve customers during a console preorder?

    Why don’t they just push delivery dates and let everyone preorder like Apple.

  17. kj_pda

    1. Surface go laptop

    Does the surface team or the (surface) go team design surface go laptop?

    2. There is very few 3:2 aspect ratio windows laptops , does Microsoft have other skews of surface laptop (go) in the pipeline (amd ryzen, lte, etc)

    3. What surface device(s) support usb-c charging?

  18. Vladimir Carli

    With the addition of Bethesda and EAplay Gamepass and XCloud are becoming really amazing. To make xCloud absolutely perfect in my opinion two things are missing:

    1) possibility to play on pc with mouse and keyboard or other input controllers

    2) possibility to buy games not included in gamepass (such as Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty, Assassin Creed) and play them on xCloud

    Do you think these things are coming?