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  1. ngc224

    Google expects to sell more than 7 Million Pixel 6 phones. How many Surface Duo 2’s does Microsoft expect to sell?

  2. Migui

    So, I'm in the university studying computer engineering and I am thinking on buying a new laptop. My budget is around 900$ and I want something that I will be able to use for the next 3 years. What product would you recommend?

  3. madthinus

    So I am not a Windows Insider, but listening to Paul describe the Android apps on windows 11 process I am not sure this is the simple one click install of apps from the store that Microsoft appear to have promised. Am I missing something?

  4. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad, seeing apple creating more and more powerful arm chips, is it imaginable that x86 gets outdated at some point?

  5. brothernod

    1) If you're buying a headset for work, is it worth getting one that is Teams certified? What does that really mean?

    2) My enterprise is switching to Teams soon. What are the most important things I can learn to teach my coworkers so they fall in love with it. Any suggestions on places to learn how to use Microsoft Teams well?

  6. mrpki

    OK - Surface Duo 2 is better, but have you tried planning Stadia, XCloud or Luna on this new model yet? Are you actually going to keep it or are you ultimately going to return it?