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  1. mrpki

    Closing out with a good one this week: Since all the new XBox videos seem to including a lot of Halo Infinite content, do you think everyone internal to Xbox was surprised that Halo Infinite was not going to launch this year? or do you think that Halo Infinite is going to launch in the near future?

  2. re1zer

    Hi Brad! Do you know if Microsoft plans to hold an event with the announcement of new games before the launch of Xbox?

  3. thrustbucket

    What are the chances that Microsoft pulls out a last minute big surprise acquisition? Some rumors say they might, for example, announce that they acquired Techland and drop Dying Light 2 on launch day. Or something like that. Do you think a surprise like that could happen? Heard any buzz?

    Also, why has the Series S not been sent out to youtubers yet?

  4. darkclown

    What year is it? I've lost count.

  5. rubbb3rduck

    If there is console streaming, can we also expect some day to have pc streaming? Or are we meant to use xcloud for that?

  6. ngc224

    Any guess about the number of Surface Duos sold so far?

  7. erichk

    Hi Brad, I'm sure you heard about that title coming out that's going to run 60 FPS on the Series S only if you run it at 900p (although it will do 1440p at 30 Hz I guess). Think this is anything to worry about?

  8. easton_r

    Hi Brad! I was wondering if Microsoft was ever/is considering making a single screen surface phone. Thanks

  9. ejcorcoran

    Hey Brad, in light of Microsoft closing it's retail stores and announcing that GameStop deal, AND GameStop having over 5,000 retail locations, is Microsoft looking at returning to retail using GameStop?

    Instead of trying to become Apple (the Steve Ballmer insanity plan), Microsoft sticks to it's core competencies and get's partners to do what they do best (Satya-Mania running wild!)

    Could GameStop see this as a lifeline (GameStop Corp reported revenue of 6.5B for FY 2020, a decrease of 18.82% compared to FY 2017. Net income fell 233.32% to -470.9M) back to the land of profits?

    Could Microsoft see this as a way to have a retail presence without having to worry about being compared to Apple?

    Will we be able to go to a GameStop in 3 years and see HoloLens and Surface Hub alongside XBOX and PC Gaming Rigs?

    This was my first thought when I heard about the deal.

  10. anoldamigauser

    How was your experience with the Tesla on the recent trip?

  11. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well, so my questions for the best part of the week:

    What is the requirement for a game to get on xcloud

    Would it be possible to get the new xbox store on pc, because the xbox launcher still downloads all the games over the ms store

    Why is MS not making a sort of Office app that combines Outlook / Calender / OneNote / Sticky Note ect

    I have a weird thing with my Surface Buds , the left one is quieter than the right one. do you have the same issue or know someone with the same experience

    Have a great day ✌️

  12. madthinus

    Windows 20h2: is the enabling package for the upgrade from 2004 to 20H2 also throttled? Why?

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