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  1. rambone05

    Hi Brad! If you had 1K What gaming ultra portable (less than 3lbs) laptop would you purchase? I am struggling to find a laptop that is both gaming AAA titles and light weight is important.

  2. mnbgearsguy


    Any update on Xbox Series X preorders for people who have not been able to get their hands on one? Best Buy keeps saying that they will be taking more before November 10 and you will get day 1 delivery.

  3. xapache

    What's the easiest method to set up a VM?

  4. brothernod

    Did Microsoft consider the limited edition Day One Xbox one program a success? Had they considered something similar for the Series X launch?

    Microsoft has focused on having hundreds of games to play on the next gen due to free performance bumps on backwards compatible titles. Sony focused on having a handful of actual next gen games.

    Who do you think has a better launch strategy?

  5. bleeman

    Do you still have the Surface Studio? If so, was it a 1 or a 2? If so, have you had any Bluetooth problems with it? Mine Surface Studio 2 constantly drops Bluetooth connections. On another note, if you still have it, have you tried running MS Flight Simulator 2020 on it? I've been running it on mine but it periodically hangs and I'm trying to determine if it's the program or my machine. I meet all of the minimum, and recommended requirements and almost all of the ideal requirements. I have the 32GB, i7, GTX 1070 version. Thanks!

  6. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well, so my questions for the best part of the week:

    Why is partially so hard to get in contact with the MS support, why not over an email adress or a contact formular

    So Seagate makes the additional 1TB SSD, do you know or think, if they will bring a 2TB or even a 4TB version because with the Series S the 512GB are quickly filled up

    What is the deadline to post a question for the podcast

    Have a great day ✌️

  7. thejoefin

    Do you have any tidbits to add to the "Sun Valley" Windows 2021 UI updates? Any news on the Windows 10X preview date?

  8. yoshi

    What are the chances that my Series X arrives early from the Microsoft Store? ;)

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