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  1. torchatlas

    If you had to choose between Neo and Duo, which one would you choose? And which one do you think would sell more?

  2. Rick

    Hey Brad,

    Love the HP Spectre x360 that was announced this week. Are you expecting any more new releases this year from other OEMs?

  3. truestar86

    Hi Brad,

    1) Are you finally going to eat a hat as promised now that Microsoft has finally planned to release a full powered Surface Android Phone?

    2) Do you think Microsoft might release a single screen Surface Android Phone even maybe next year along with the now announced Surface Duo?

    3) Have you had any chance to go hands on with a Windows 10X build like on your personal laptop? Any thoughts on this new design?

    4) Now that the Surface brand has extended its arms in a powerful, do you think the Xbox brand will be as unique in its own way as well when compared to all the PS5 leaks?

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask some questions.

    • sydney2k

      In reply to truestar86:

      I don't think anyone said what kind of hat or what the hat had to be made of. So if it looks like a hat, quacks like a hat, and tastes like a chocolate cake, it's a hat!

  4. nerp

    Hello Brad,

    My question is: The "stop getting preview builds" feature while in the insider program is great, but will I continue to get preview builds until the retail build lands? For example, I have a machine getting 20H1 builds in the fast ring. If I toggle the "stop getting preview builds" now, will I be stuck on the current build until next year? Or will I steadily get builds until the day it's no longer in preview and then finally be off the insider program? Or, do I have to pay attention, switch from fast, to slow, to release preview and then hit the toggle to do this cleanly? Please advise, do the needful, etc.

    Best regards.

  5. torchatlas

    Does Microsoft even care about Skype anymore? Businesses are being pushed to Teams, and Skype for consumers is seemingly just withering away.

  6. deltaprime

    As someone that uses dual screens on my Windows 10 PC I find that there is some jankiness at times with dual displays. Is Microsoft going to roll any improvements from 10X into 10 Pro to make using dual displays run better for all devices?

  7. bbold

    Have you seen the posts about the huge clunky (supposed) camera on the back of the Duo? What do you think? And is that just click bait? (If hundreds of peeps already asked that, I apologize.) Thanks for all you guys do!

    Also.. not so much a question, but...

    What do you think?

  8. felipe.costa09

    Hi Brad, How are you?

    Do you think Microsoft will reveil what runs under the hood on Windows 10X and WCOS? (Kernel, Librariea and so on..)

    I concern about how good will be or if it's going to be just a ”beautiful Windows” with all the same problems such as malware, vulnerabilities and so on... To be honest, I would like a Linux based system with the kernel, Libraries, File System and all the goods, in a Microsoft way, since Windows is not so important anymore...

  9. alexkullmer

    Hey Brad,

    Long time listener from Chile ??, I have 2 questions for you:

    1.- Surface pro X, does the price includes the pen and keyboard?

    2.- Surface duo, is it water resistant, does it have wireless charging, what about reverse wireless charging. What about the quality of the camera (just one.

    It feels like a device from a future that we imaginate 4 years ago. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of today's phones and we are talking about a phone for the NEXT holidays!!!

  10. pass1001

    Hey Brad, hope your travels went well.

    I have 2 questions.

    1st: you and Paul seem to be weary of why the Neo exists and what it's even good for. I was wondering if you think that the Duo is a little bit of a Trojan horse. If you can get Android developers to update/build apps for the Duo and it's dual screens, maybe (and this is a long shot), those developers will keep Microsoft at the top of their minds and may port/create new apps for the Neo?

    2nd: Neo is roughly the same size as the Go. And from a functionality stand point, they overlap. So other then price point, why should Microsoft keep the Go around?

  11. team56th

    Hi Brad. Been a busy week huh.

    • To recap a little bit... Did you have any idea Andromeda was alive? Going into the conference room what did you already know (or didn't)?
    • Regarding the OS situation of newly announced foldable devices, do you know if there's any plan to build some kind of shared foundation between the two? Something like Android compatibility in 10X, or UWP compatibility in Android, or any other?
  12. Usman

    Do you know / did you ask if/when chromium/edgium will be running on ARM64

    When can we expect a broader discussion about software such as teams life, 20H1 / new flavours of windows, m365 consumer etc

  13. Alin Maior

    Hi, Brad.

    1. Do you know if OEMs will follow with Windows 10X devices similar to Neo? I've read reports that Intel is pushing OEMs into building this kind of devices?
    2. If Surface Neo/Windows 10X devices attract enough developer interest and support, do you think a 2nd or 3rd generation of Surface Duo might run Windows 10X(by itself or even in dual-boot with Android)?
  14. kj_pda

    1. Surface Neo telephony support?
    2. any special features between surfi i.e. Neo + duo = text messaging support on neo
    3. No lte on any x86 version of new surfi?
    4. Does surface 6 lte still sold
    5. Any additional information or thoughts on why MSFT didn't use forked Android with Play Store support for Duo. Wny nit emulate Android on windows 10X? Can Neo support adroid emulation?

    #WindowsPhone is dead... ??????

  15. madthinus

    What of the Microsoft products announced would you buy with your own money and why?

  16. madthinus

    Paul mention in his article Pumped that Panos and other key people where a bit off base on the morning. Will we read as to why in your next book or will you tell us now?

  17. jlv632

    Hey Brad, With the Surface Pro 7, I have two important questions which no one seems to know...

    1) It has USB C now but will that (unlike Surface Book 2) be enough to use and charge the device? Maybe a better way of asking is if I go away and only take a USB-C laptop charger... will I be okay so is the USB-C on the Pro and Laptop really just an extra USB port with a USB plug?

    2) On the Pro 7 which features the MMC reader still but doesn't have a serviceable hard drive, does that reader support cards up to 400GB to 2TB?

    Can't find either detail in any specs or preview to date.

  18. jeff.bane

    Why Panos sad?

  19. emanon2121

    Do you think the Duo is a Trojan horse to get developers thinking about the Neo to then eventually about WindowsX?

  20. Markfurry

    The Duo is clearly not aimed at the modern smartphone market*, so do you really think it has a chance to sell to consumers? I miss how well Windows Phone did in the car 5 years ago compared to Google Assistant now, but even my fan boy heart can't see how to justify this.

    *With photography being the battleground having no exterior camera array, possibly no flash, can't see how it will compete versus even entry Samsung phones.

  21. thrustbucket

    Question 1: We need to talk about the elephant not in the room - the surface Go. We had the event. Nothing announced is set to replace it? It's over a year and still no price drop? What can you tell us about the Go, it's replacement, or a price drop?

    Question 2: Why is the Surface Duo running Android when Microsoft has shown they have the ability to emulate android inside windows? Why isn't it running windows x? Do you think it has to run android as part of their "working with" google?

  22. Attiq

    the obvious question for me is why isn't the DUO running windows 10x?????

    Also watching the stream, Panos took an awkward, and almost sad looking pause before unveiling the duo, I get the feeling he only wanted to show the Neo I don't think he was happy about the whole android duo thing. seems like a Nadella forced project. The shift to android and chrome probably the reason why Terry Myerson left.

    oh and do you think the android device will harm software development for windows 10x, or if windows 10x will eventually have a subsystem for android to run android apps in windows like chrome OS?

    • Daishi

      In reply to Attiq:

      “why isn't the DUO running windows 10x?”

      i really don’t understand why people seem to have such a hard time with this. The answer is apps.

      For a device like this to be useful for people it needs to have apps. Windows X doesn’t have any. Android does.

      If you put an Android container system into it, the same way they have Win32, you still need somewhere to get apps from. Microsoft has no Android App Store. Google does.

      In order to access the Play Store you need to make a deal with Google who aren’t going to agree unless you are using an unforked version of Android. Window X isn’t Android. Android is Android.

      Ergo, you use Android.


      • Attiq

        In reply to Daishi:

        its obvious why the duo runs Android apps, it isn't obvious why the duo runs android, Android apps and Android aren't the same thing!!!

        Chromebooks run android apps, windows has a subsystem for linux, windows phone/mobile had project Astoria.

        you can have Android apps on non Android devices and its possible to run android apps ON windows.

        now that windows on arm supports win 32 apps. you can have win32, uwp, andorid apps all potentiallt running on one device, whilst win32 on the duo sounds rediculous, it makes perfect sense when you consider a continuum/dex like environment where you dock your duo into a monitor setup.

        also containerized Android apps would be incredibly easy to get into the windows store, i know developers are fickle but they're not stupid. if they can increase their addressable market by 900million device in the course of an afternoon or a week at most then of course they'll jump on it.

        Android apps run on Chromebooks unmodified, Android apps on windows would be the same. the store issue is a minor hurdle compared to writing a brand new app and maintaining it. any issues with android apps on Chromebook has to do with scaling on a large screen , the duo has two smartphone sized screens so this is a non issue.

  23. willr

    Hi Brad: I'm confused about the next "Carmel" Surface Pro because, won't it be just the Pro X with an Intel chip instead of ARM? That could be really confusing and messy for customers/potential customers, unless Carmel is quite different than the Pro X... could you give us your thoughts or fill us in on Carmel?

  24. shcole

    1. Despite a brief explanation of Windows 10X, the October 2nd event was mainly hardware focused. Do you think Microsoft will discuss the software side of things (10X) at another consumer oriented event (possibly in the spring)? Or is that it for consumers?
    2. Where is that simplified office ribbon? Would've made a lot of their demos at the event feel more modern.
  25. toshdellapenna

    Why does Microsoft, or at least Satya Nadella, hate their own products so much? They can afford to be part of the conversation and lose some money as opposed to being the joke of the conversation for their lack of participation. Just think of what would have happened if Satya was big cheese in the early days of Xbox when it was hemorrhaging money. Look where Xbox is now as a result of them sticking it out. It's such a shame.

    • thrustbucket

      In reply to toshdellapenna:

      I am not sure Satya hates Microsoft products so much. I think he has shown he really only cares about Azure. He sees that as the future of Microsoft and everything else is disposable if it isn't always profitable.

  26. Ingiomar Martina

    If Windows 10 runs on ARM and they got Windows 10X which is for dual screen devices. Shouldn't it be incredibly easy for Microsoft to provides us the option to install Windows 10X on the Surface Duo?

    Ship it with Android but give the core fans an upgrade path to Windows 10X.

  27. MrPKI

    Two part question:

    1. Since the upcoming phone is Android based, do you believe MSFT will be focused mainly on Android based apps being the best featured and polished compared to iPhone apps?
    2. Will you switch to the Duo phone when it comes out or will you stick to the iPhone since the dual screen phone is not usable?
  28. mauerque

    (Username is pronounced "Mark")

    Hey Brad,

    Any idea why the battery life estimates are so much lower for the the Surface Laptop 3 compared to the Laptop 2? (11.5hr down from 14.5hr). Microsoft cleaned up most of the issues I had with the surface laptop this round, but the battery life numbers are concerning. With that said, it seems they changed their testing benchmark from "continuous video" to "Typical Surface device usage". Should we be at all worried, or might this just be the result of a more accurate benchmark test?

  29. jrmontg

    Will the Microsoft Duo provide a Samsung DeX like experience but with Windows 10?

  30. nickg2017

    The duo looks most interesting for xcloud. Add an ipega controller to it and game on! Also what do you think the price of duo would be?

  31. lindhartsen

    Any initial take on how well 32-bit x86 apps will run on the Surface “Pro” X? Been curious how pro the device will be when you’re still limited to 32-bit apps unless developers do the work to make an ARM version of their apps.

  32. bart

    Hi Brad, hope you enjoyed the Surface event?

    Q1: As Microsoft will launch another SKU of Windows 10 (Windows 10X), is it possible to expect MS to launch a "consumer-focused SKU" of Windows 10 running android apps in the future? Especially as Microsoft now embraces Android with Surface Duo.

    Q2: What was the highlight of the Surface event for you and why?

  33. redstar92

    Hey Brad where was teams for life? ?

  34. dtcpss

    What can we expect from Surface Carmel? Will it have a similar design with Surface Pro X? (maybe thicker?)

  35. dtatgenho

    Since Microsoft decided not to release a Surface Book 3 on Wednesday, I'll have to settle for getting a new Surface Laptop 3 for the time being. I noticed that the 13" silver versions for pre-order are all Alcantara-only, but I'd prefer one without it. Do you know if Microsoft will offer a 13" silver version without Alcantara at some point (hopefully very soon)? I thought I saw a 13" silver non-Alcantara version in your Surface Event pic gallery?

  36. brisonharvey

    Looks like a bunch of questions on the Windows 10x and Neo/Duo, so let’s go in a slightly different direction:

    Which trend is more likely to grow and expand: adoption of Google technologies for Microsoft products (Android/Chrome) or Microsoft’s partnership with component makers to build custom internal hardware?

  37. dtatgenho

    With no Surface Book 3 announced during the event, and with Microsoft insisting that they are not discontinuing the Surface Book product, when do you anticipate a Surface Book 3 being launched? Could it be during a low-key Spring 2020 event, or do you see Microsoft going yet another full year to Fall 2020 with the already-long-in-the-tooth Surface Book 2?

  38. emanon2121

    How did your hat taste?