Questions for 10 / 9?


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  1. sott3

    What has been happening with the Microsoft 365 outages? Shouldn’t it be more resilient than this?

  2. leftcoastlost

    Why wouldn't Microsoft make an xCloud app for Playstation?

  3. johnny777

    What's with the latest Microsoft family calendar MESS, which now doesn’t work with the Windows 10 Mail app or the Microsoft Launcher app or the Outlook Desktop app?

    Thousands screwed and the ridiculous “Yeah, this works now as designed” answer from a Microsoft employee just caps off another brilliant move by Microsoft!

  4. khadgart

    Hey Brad. New subscriber to your channel and am really enjoying the content you post.

    I was curious if you can give me your opinion on something. I currently am running a i5/256 Surface Pro 4 and I think it's about time to upgrade. I was looking at the 7 but I am leaning towards the Surface Laptop Go. The same spec of the go is $300 less than the same spec pro 4. It's docked 90% of the time so I don't think I'll miss much of the way it is a tablet. You think it's a good option?

    Also what the first game you're gonna play on your Series X when you get it?

  5. Scott Ross

    Two questions for you Brad

    1. The Xbox Beta App for ios will that be open to everyone around the holidays? I would love to stream from my xbox to my iphone or ipad.
    2. I am in the market for a laptop right now, what do you think is a better deal, a laptop with 10th gen Intel or an 11th gen processor?
  6. ngc224

    Any chance Microsoft fires Panos after all the failures of Surface under his leadership?

    (…and yes, I know the revenue numbers, but revenue is not the same thing as profit.)

  7. jnbck

    Hello Mr. Sams!

    Two ARM related questions if I may...

    A. What do you believe the timeframe will be for ARM to be the dominant chipset for Windows PCs, especially since they announced x64 support? (5, 10, 15 years??..)

    B. Will linux be able to keep up providing driver support for arm-based machines? I'm not privy on the amount of work it will take to fashion an existing operating system to work with a brand new architecture. Maybe once it has kernel support it's not so much work for the individual distros?

  8. mrpki

    Windows Insider question of the week: Is anyone working on Windows 10 X at all or has everyone moved to working on making Windows Virtual Desktop to be the face of Windows going forward?

  9. lylesback2

    I can only hope you'll discuss the AMD announcement and any insight on the upcoming Radeon lineup

  10. madthinus

    So what is the story about the heat from Series X? Is this a made up problem for some clicks or are this a real concern. My personal theory is that the heat is exhausting in a larger concentrated area which makes it easier to perceive...

  11. Gowtham

    Been Hearing rumors about Microsoft Buying Nokia again.... Thoughts please.

  12. Vladimir Carli

    I am very very undecided about what gaming stuff to buy these holidays. RTX3080 or Xbox Series X? I know it’s a very vague question but would be curious about what you think about it

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