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  1. MrPKI

    Can we expect a joint subscription "Ultimate Edition" SKU for Windows 10 and Office 365 to get the full functionality with the native photos app, solitaire and notepad?

  2. Corey McCowan

    You've talked about the fact that you believe Microsoft to drop Movies and TV in a similar fashion to how they dropped Groove Music Pass however what would this mean for the Xbox? The Xbox needs some way of purchasing and renting movies and I just can't see Apple bringing iTunes (if they did I can't see it being a great experience) to the Xbox. Streaming is nice but it won't fit every situation or work for everybody.

  3. MarkWibaux

    With all the discussions in recent podcasts from yourself, Paul, MJF regarding Cortana as an enterprise play.

    Would you think that a "partnership" with either (or both) AMX and Crestron would be something Microsoft should be pursuing?

  4. team56th

    Where are SD835 laptops? Were they delayed due to performance issues, thwarted because of earlier one-off threat from Intel (god I hope not), to be announced in any remaining press event of 2017?

    Another CPU question: What are the chances of future Surface device using upcoming Ryzen APUs in 2018 and beyond? They could be a very good option for low power devices.

  5. alejandro

    What is going on with SMS relay in Skype, and why isn't it in the people hub?

  6. ponsaelius

    With Microsoft leaving consumer is there any point to Microsoft retail stores?

  7. akshay_sug

    Hypothetically lets say if microsoft decides to make a mobile device again with one core os, what should be different this time for its mass adoption acc. to you?

  8. woelfel

    (Loaded ass question...but more like a

    Doesn't it seem that Microsoft is in Mixed Reality is because they see it as the next big thing and while (as Satya stated) everyone thinks you have to have a mobile play in order to have all of those users, the next big thing doesn't necessarily need to have that as you want to build new experiences? Knowing that information, and knowing that (as Satya stated...again) that gaming is the number #1 thing people do in mobile, that is why Phil Spencer got his seat at the table as the portion of Microsoft that will give them an edge into this Mixed Reality future as the other big tech companies (Apple, Google) can't compete with from a 1st party perspective?

  9. Tourniquet

    What does Microsoft new focus for Android and iOS Apps means for the future of the 'Windows Core OS' / Andromeda thing?

    Does it mean other manufacturer won't be able to create a phone based on 'Windows Core OS' ?

    Did you hear anything new about Windows on ARM? Wasn't the first 'Cellular PCs' coming this year?

  10. imh64

    Is it any wonder that Microsoft hasn't done much with Mail app when they offer Outlook via Office 365 or on the Web.