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    Does Windows 10 Mobile also support Windows Holographic? How does the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro fits in with its VR thing?

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    Why did you not say hi to me at the event?

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    I thought the obvious comparison to the Surface Studio would be a Cintiq?  If compared to the Cintiq, the price makes a lot fo sense.  Am I missing something in the comparision?  Thanks 

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    after the mac event, i have zero interest in the new macbook pro so right now i'm looking at the new razer blade stealth or hp spectre x360. thoughts or perhaps other options i should consider?

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    I had a battery issue with my Lumia 950. I've had it for six months and bought it brand new from AT&T. I took it to the AT&T Service Center first to see if they could help me, and the only thing they could do was test the battery (which revealed the battery was bad). They didn't have any devices at the service center to swap out the battery with, so I called AT&T support and they sent me out a replacement phone.  When it arrived, IT DIDN'T HAVE A BATTERY. I called AT&T back and they said that they don't have any Lumia 950 batteries for replacement devices. I then tried to contact Microsoft support, but their support says that the warranty on accessories (batteries are accessories...really?????) is just for 6 months. So I asked where I could buy a battery for the phone, and they referred me back to AT&T.

    I tried Amazon and Microsoft's online store and can't seem to find the proper battery in either of those places. So my question is -- where in the heck can I find a replacement battery for my Lumia 950?

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    Have you seen this interesting piece by Ben Thompson, SURFACE STUDIO, NINTENDO SWITCH, AND NICHE STRATEGIES?  I extracted the Surface Studio portion below, but basically he makes the argument that for many people, especially the billions in the developing world, the smartphone is now the default, general-purpose, personal computing device while PCs have become more niche.  Seen in this light, Microsoft's approach with Surface Studio makes more sense.


    THE SURFACE STUDIO (excerpted from Ben Thompson)

    Perhaps the most important feature of the Surface Studio is its price: $3,000 for the lowest-end model, and that doesn’t include the innovative “Dial”. This price point immediately attracted a lot of consternation on Twitter amongst Windows fans in particular, while some industry observers argued that most consumers weren’t artists anyways. Both true!

    But what is also true is that all PCs are niche devices: for most people, particularly outside the U.S., a smartphone is all they need or care to buy. The world today is the exact opposite of the world a mere decade ago, where we bought dedicated devices to plug into our digital hub PCs; the smartphone (and cloud) is the hub, and everything else is optional.

    Selling a niche device is a fundamentally different proposition than selling a general purpose one: the question of why a consumer would buy a general purpose device (like a PC ten years ago, or a smartphone today) is a solved one; the only question is which. Niche devices, on the other hand, face two hurdles to adoption: before a consumer chooses which device to buy they need to be convinced as to why they need a niche device in the first place. And, because answering “why” is even more difficult than winning “which”, niche device makers ought to focus on being a clearly superior solution to an identified market need; being cheap is not only not a priority, it’s a distraction.

    The Surface Studio does this brilliantly; as the launch video shows, an incredible amount of engineering and expensive manufacturing went into the physical product, particularly the screen and hinge. The result, though, is that if you are an artist or graphic designer or architect or musician or do any sort of activity that requires drawing on or touching your display, and need the productivity capabilities of a PC (hello file system!), then there is nothing on the market like the Surface Studio (including the Surface Pro). Microsoft has rightly pulled out all the stops to make the perfect device for you. Does it cost a lot? Of course it does! But as Apple has demonstrated for years price is less important than differentiation. To insist that Microsoft make the product cheaper is the exact wrong strategy for a niche device maker, and I suspect it is rooted in the false assumption that the PC is a general purpose device that ought to appeal to everyone.

    Certainly the Studio’s success is not assured, in large part because Microsoft’s target audience is using OS X. It is a tall order to get people to switch operating systems they are familiar with, which emphasizes the importance of Microsoft focusing on differentiation, not price (if price was all that mattered Windows would have never lost share to OS X in the first place). Just as importantly, though, is that today more people are even considering the possibility: the single best way to build a brand that attracts (as opposed to being the default) is to build a product that is the best possible one you can build, and only then make it as affordable as possible. For too long Microsoft approached that problem backwards, exacerbating the secular shift from PCs to smartphones.


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    1. Does the Surface Studio have a pen loop?

    2. What about Windows Home Server?


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    Did you take the Dial apart? Any idea what batteries it takes and how long they last?

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    1. Given what we have seen from Microsoft and Apple, would it be fair to say that it's Microsoft leading the technology innovations and Apple just bumbling along way behind with zero interest?

    2. Why is Apple persisting with Macbooks without touch screens? As someone who likes Microsoft stuff, that's fine by me! But I'm just curious - how long will Apple remain so stubborn about the touch screen never appearing in Macs?

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    MS Planner:

    • will MS be charging for this service, if yes, which plans
    • when will Planner mobile app be available
    • when will you be able to share tasks outside your domain

    Surface Books:

    • will MS work with existing customer who have issues with battery and GPU to upgrade to updated model

    Skype Teams:

    • domain is active
    • cannot log in, why?
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    It's clear that the Cloud is now a significant portion of Microsoft's business, and Windows is becoming less important to Microsoft as a revenue stream. Do you think that Microsoft being free from the shackles of protecting Windows revenue is what is allowing them the freedom to innovate?

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