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  1. kresspet

    Hi Brad, the new upcoming Xbox controllers for Series X/S are supposed to improve input latency on the new consoles. Do you know if there would be any improvement to expect when playing games on Xcloud with the new controllers compared to the old ones? Thank you!

  2. mrpki

    Back with the big ending question of the week: Is the new XBox Series S to even have enough storage available to load more than 1 major game? Will Halo Infinite even be able to fit on the Series S when it is released next holiday?

  3. finley

    This may be one for your Petri Podcast -

    I work for a company that rents out environmental instrumentation. With each system we send out a PC (typically a Panasonic Toughbook) configured with the software needed to configure, monitor and log the sensors. With each new iteration of Win10 they make it harder to configure to a PC with a local account (Thank god for Paul's tip of not connecting to Wi-Fi during OOBE).

    Going forward is there a recommended approach to configuring a Win10 user account for a PC with numerous temporary users?


  4. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad, am I correct when I say that game streaming will be used mainly "on the road", because at home you can use another device better suited to the task? If this is the case, why is seemingly no one adressing the issue of limited data plans? Roughly said: 1gb = 1 hour YouTube. So a data plan of 5gb gives you 5 hours of game streaming for a whole month...

  5. stiken82

    On the Xbox One X, there was only a certain amount of TVs that supported the version of Dolby Vision that the Xbox had

    Unfortunately, I have a TV from LG that supports Dolby Vision, but not Xbox's version. Do you know if there be a list of supported TVs for the Xbox Series X so I can get a TV that this will work on?

  6. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well, so a few questions for the best part of the week:

    1) So Seagate makes the additional 1TB SSD, do you know or think, hey will bring a 2TB or even a 4TB version because with the Series S the 512GB are quickly filled up

    2) Do you know if a Xbox One Gamekey will work on the Xbox Series X | S

    3) Do you think MS i going to bring a Xbox Series X Digital Version

    4) Do you know when Xcloud come to more countries especially Luxemburg

    5) Do you think MS should bring the Windows Phone Camera UI on the Duo, for me it was and is still the best UI for a camer app

    6) What is the deadline to post a question for the podcast

    Have a great day ✌️

  7. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    I hope I'm not too late.

    Recently I've watched a couple of videos looking at Microsoft as a company, and how it's grown to be one of the biggest tech firms in the world, through things like Azure and Office 360. Now, with the launch of the Xbox Series consoles next week, and Game Pass being an integral part of that launch, it had me thinking. Game Pass is stereotyped as, "the Netflix of games". Would the analogy be better put, "Game Pass is the Office 360 of games"? That Game Pass is the extension of the Microsoft subscription model, away from software, such as Windows and Office, to Azure and Office 360? And possibly the reason why Xbox is still a division of Microsoft was that Phil Spencer was able to adapt Xbox to the Microsoft model?

    It seems to me that the Xbox mantra, "game with anyone, anywhere, on any device you want," could easily be applied to Office 360, "work with anyone, anywhere, with any device you want".

    Looking forward to your impressions of the Series X!

  8. darkclown

    On a scale of 1 to 1 billion how jealous are you that Paul has 2 new Xboxes?

  9. anoldamigauser

    Regarding the Cloud PC, do the specs look a little light? Especially the medium one. I have a dual core machine with 4Gb, and it is basically unusable.