Questions for 11 / 12?


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  1. mrpki

    Have to end the week with this one with no BS: Now that Windows SE 11 is here, does that mean Windows S mode is deprecated outside of the education laptops? Did anyone other than schools actually use S-mode?

  2. bishbash93

    I still don't understand what Microsoft Loop is, despite trying to read Microsoft's website on it. Brad, explain plz?

  3. madthinus

    This week Firefox came to the store and initially I did not thought much of the news. However, I have now switch fully to the store version and also moved to the store version of Telegram, I am starting to dream of future where there is just one place to update apps. Is this realistic?

    Will Office convert to MSIX as well?

  4. jnbck

    Are there any features of .NET 6 you are particularly jazzed up about? If so, what?

  5. jnentwich

    Why doesn’t Microsoft doing something to stop all the bots from buying up things like the Xbox X and the Xbox fridge? Being a large company they should have the resources to stop this kind nonsense. Who at Microsoft can we reach out to protest this?