Questions for 11/13?


Drop them here.

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  1. madthinus

    So how much does that x on the power button of the Series X bother you being on its side. Mine is horizontal as well and it trigger my ocd

  2. bart

    Hello Brad.

    On Wednesday I noticed I could sign into Teams for Consumers on the web with my personal Microsoft Account via The desktop app is not accessible just yet. Any idea when the desktop app will become available for people with a Personal Microsoft Account?

  3. jgacr

    will flight simulator 2020 for the xbos series s/x ever happen?

  4. jnbck

    Been thinking about building a new PC for flight sim, still on a 3rd Gen i7 and the game crashes fairly often. Do you think I can get by with my current 1060 6GB to save cash on the graphics card?

  5. psychoker

    So a great week for my, got my Series S and my Duo imported and the questions for the week : 1) Why is there no manuel mode in the camera app for the duo 2) Why are some apps like onenote that has no sticky notes or edge, so different from the normal android apps on other phones 3) Do you know if Money in Excel comes to europe 4) Do you think MS will ever offer Anti Glare on their displays 5) And lastly, hope you are doing well and stay save Have a great day ✌️

  6. Usman

    Do you think the voice assistant novelty has worn off? How has your usage of these assistants changed over the years?

  7. sherlockholmes

    Hi Brad, I also got my XBox Series S this week. Had you had a chance to test how much more power the Series X has over the Series S? Im really happy with my Series S so far.