Questions for 11/20?


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  1. thrustbucket

    Please pontificate on Valhalla-gate. What do your sources say about the GDK and how much that may be to blame for the disappointing third-party game performance compared to PS5. Give us hope that it will get better.

  2. mrpki

    Brad - did you not get to early evaluate a new XBox compared to Paul because you only play PUBG Battle Royale and no other games and that provides a biased reviewer perspective? (LoL)

  3. ngc224

    Will there be a public beta for ‘Windows 10X’ next month for select devices?

  4. bishbash93

    1) What happened to the Bang and Olufsen Xbox Series gaming headset? Seems we haven't heard anything since it's announcement all the way back in June.

    2) Any insight into how Microsoft feel the Surface Duo is doing currently, and it's effect on plans for worldwide launch + Surface Duo 2?

    3) Will get a dark mode - plz?

  5. jficara

    Hi Brad,

    This is Joe.

    What do you think of the reports coming out of digital foundry’s Xbox series x vs ps5 results so far. It appears that they are pretty closely matched with one not really being that much better than the other and ps5 coming out on top on areas that seem unexpected.

    Thanks for a great podcast!

  6. anoldamigauser

    With Microsoft rolling out consumer features to Teams, is it the beginning of "Teams for Life" (as opposed to business)? It seems that the free version can be accessed with a consumer MSA, and will support a single Team. It did that when it was first rolled out, though it was a lot less compelling as a package then.

    Do you see them adding Teams to Microsoft 365 Home and Personal subscriptions at some point to spur consumer adoption?

  7. easton_r

    Are there any plans for Microsoft to port the your phone app to iOS? It seems super convinient and would be yet another nice thing to have.

  8. mcerdas

    Dear Mr. Samms: hopefully you will forgive a silly question. On the First Ring Daily episode on Mr. Thurrot's birthday, there was a kazoo tune. Was that a recording, or do you play the kazoo?