Questions for 11/22?


Drop them here.

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  1. willr

    Brad can you tell us anything new about Xbox Scarlett? Please give us something new!

  2. sydney2k


    with the launch of the new Surface models last month, Ignite at the start of the month and XO19 last weekend, the company being voted as the most ethical pubically traded company of the year, and himself being awarded the businessman of the year by Fortune, do you think Satya Nadella would be pleased with how Microsoft is going? Hardware, software, gaming, in business- what are your thoughts about how Microsoft is faring at the moment?

  3. simont

    Are there any real benefits of using ExchangeOnline vs for hosting my own personal email domain. Looking at moving from GSuite.

  4. zstorm619

    Hey Brad long time viewer.I have a two part question about xcloud.

    1. So xcloud is made up of Xbox one s console in a server blade. Can the xcloud server blades communicate to each other to gain even more graphical and compute power than a single Xbox one?

    2. Can xcloud be use to offset compute power from local hardware. Allowing underpowered console and PC's to still allow a great experience even when next generation comes. Sort of like the concept crackdown 3 was implemented.

  5. brothernod

    How many Cyber Trucks do you plan to buy?