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  1. Ignacy Sawicki

    Any news on the whiteboard app that P Panay used in London? Is this going to be available for desktop Win10 users? Or even iOS? Shared inking without the Hub would be a killer app for me.

  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    With the demise of CrashPlan for home, do you recommend another service, or will OneDrive files on demand be sufficient with a local backup?

  3. Brett Barbier

    What mobile devices do you use for personal use, and what if any 3rd party apps do you use for things such as email, calendars, Twitter, cloud storage, and web browsing? (Feel free to mention any other notable apps you use!)


  4. christoph_fer

    Even Google was working on an OS called Andromeda OS where they were planning to merge Chrome OS with Android OS. Now it has reportedly been cancelled. Any comments on that?

  5. will

    When is Microsoft going to detail what’s in Redstone 4, along with their choice of a cringe worthy name?

  6. moogleassassin

    Wherefore art thou SurfaceBook2 Reviews?

    £2.5k is a lot to throw at a pre order with no review. Previous models had reviews out at this stage and the whole "we've made a fanless i7, but trust us its fine" is concerning me.

  7. Peter klobčič

    i have 3 questions

    1. any news on when the store office apps will be coming to non windows 10s users?
    2. when can we expect the windows on arm pcs unvail?
    3. if Andromeda will support win32 application would an android emulator work on such a device or do you need some other APIs to get an emulation working?
  8. SteveM

    With Kinect being discontinued I'm wondering if MS is missing a trick. With the Xbox always on and Kinect, they only need to put a speaker in the Xbox and you have Cortana in your living room ready to go with the wakeup phrase. MS could have been years ahead of Amazon and Google here.

  9. asdfasdf1

    does MS have any plans to make it possible to backup the pc to OneDrive?

  10. ponsaelius

    If Andromeda is an enterprise device and since most enterprise apps are win32 does this mean Andromeda will be a Windows 10 tablet rather than a Windows 10 S tablet?