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    Sorry I put this up late...busy few days!

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    Do you think now that Trump will be president, it will somehow change how Microsoft works especially with it's overseas business?

    We all know to well that most things Microsoft is US first already. Do you think that it will have any impact or do you think it's business as usual and nothing will change at all? 

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      In reply to Tourniquet:

      Similar question, we need some perspective from you about how MS is going to navigate the trump administration, both internationally, domestically, and more specific to the point at this time: What do you make about MS' official responses to Trump's win?

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    Are you going to set Paul's house on fire, now that he is in my motherland? :)

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    Probably more of a question for Paul, but he has mentioned a few times (most recently on What the Tech) that he doesn't think that the Surface Studio makes since for Microsoft due to it being expensive and being a niche product.  Wouldn't the Surface Hub fit into the category as well?   

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