Questions for 11/3


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  1. mercblue281

    Question - how could one use an android based phone without supplying google with data? If we face a future without windows, I would hope there is a way to use some (reasonably priced) hardware without permitting google any of my personal data.

    Should they start cutting checks to the individuals who use their services I might reconsider. I do not want them using my info or my families to print themselves money in their ongoing fleecing of the ad market.

    any ideas?

  2. ruusterc

    Now that they have gotten rid of the kinect what do streamers do that wanna get one to use as a camera for streaming are they gonna release a stand alone camera or would a logitech web cam work

  3. ponsaelius

    RS4 is apparently going to support progressive web apps. If Windows 10 mobile supports pwa does that effectively solve the "app gap" and make Windows 10 Mobile devices viable in 2018?

  4. MerlinE.

    With Web Apps becoming the write once deploy everywhere will Microsoft kill and write of xamarin next?

  5. Stephenmerchant

    how might one utilize an android based telephone without providing Google with information? On the off chance that we confront a future without windows, I would trust there is an approach to utilize a few (sensibly evaluated) Write my Essay for me equipment without allowing google any of my own information. Should they begin slicing checks to the people who utilize their administrations I may reevaluate

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