Questions for 12/04?


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  1. sherlockholmes

    So Brad, how is your plant doing in your tv cabinet becuse of the heat coming from the XBox Series X?

  2. azbat360

    I know it's early days but has Microsoft been concerned(behind the scenes) about losing the initial power narrative in major 3rd party titles at launch after the PR blitz of "Most Powerful Console Ever"? Do you personally think it's something they can recover from? Or is this another 2013 disaster?

  3. j5

    Talk about Vivaldi. I'm fan boying on it right now. Some coverage on popular tech sites is always a good thing for the browser market.

  4. willr

    Hey Brad. In your book you said the redesigned Surface Pro was dependant on Intel's 10nm chips. But the Pro 7 has a 10nm chip and Intel is now shipping their 2nd gen 10nm chips, yet the Pro 8 is still going to use this old chassis they've been using since the Pro 3! What on earth is going on here? (Zac Bowden said his sources confirm the Pro 8 will have the same old chassis). It's crazy that they've basically been using the same chassis since the Pro 3

  5. maktaba

    Do you think it’s a good idea to buy apps/games from the Microsoft Store? If the same game is available on Steam, should I buy it from there instead? I fear that Microsoft Store might shut down one day and I’d lose all my purchases.

  6. Usman

    Got a question on Surface reliablity and secondly that one feature that Xbox waited for from AMD.

    Firstly on surface reliability. I've had to RMA my Surface Book 2 over the past 2 years of owning it, Microsoft has honoured the 2 year warranty (yay Europe) and offered a replacement device every time, having been through it 4 times.

    The problem was image retention / screen burn-in when the screen is on for an hour or two on static content, like a youtube video page or the browser tabs and task bar.

    According to reddit the image retention issue only occurs specifically with the display panel used in all Book 2 15inch. Microsoft post-warranty doesn't want to admit this is quality control issue and doesn't give an inch (second time, first was with the surface headphones, where there are many people on reddit who's headbands have snapped in the same spot).

    During your long term review of the Book 2 15 inch (or Book 3) ,did you find this image ghosting issue on your display or seen it in on newer surface models like the Book 3.

    This quality control issue makes me weary of spending that much money on a surface product again, especially if they keep using these difficult to repair model designs (like with Pro 8 and Book 3). If you ever time meet the surface team again, could you politely grill them on their have quality control issues and to take common reddit issues into account instead of having customer support treating us as irresponsible customers post-warranty.

    Secondly, (on a lighter note), I looked back at the RDNA2 GPU reveal and was the only feature that was in the DX12 + AMD FidelityFX slide that wasn't mentioned before in any Xbox Series X/S tech demonstration and that is ML Super Resolution (AMD's version of DLSS). I looked around and Microsoft made a blog post about it , that the RDNA chip in the consoles has ML accelerators but I didn't see anyone pick up this story.

    Considering the issues series S faces with performance and requiring it to drop to lower resolutions to maintain framerate, it seems like the perfect use case where DLSS/MLSS can be used to give higher visual fidelity upscale while rendering at a lower internal resolution.

  7. mrpki

    You mentioned that you have listened to all the new Security Unlocked podcasts from Microsoft. Which one did you like the most and why?

  8. darkclown

    Does your dog dream of playing Xbox?

  9. brothernod

    Have you considered doing gaming headset reviews? I was looking at the Audeze Penrose as an Xbox gaming + music + Microsoft Teams do it all headset and think you’d have great input on that since you cover Teams and Xbox.

  10. eeisner

    Still flying in FS at all? Asobo has done a pretty bad job with updates, seemingly breaking the sim with everyone they put out. If you were in charge over there, what would you change?

    Btw, if you haven't, you should download the FlyByWire mod for the A320NX. Pretty incredible open source freeware.

  11. sherlockholmes

    Ok, serious question now.

    Since Paul spoke about cloud gaming and gaming services like GeForce Now (thats what I use right now) I just wanted to ask you about what you think of it. Do you still own a gaming PC or do you just use an XBox?

  12. easton_r

    What's the story behind "Edoga8" on youtube commenting what you say at the beginning of the video?

  13. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad, concerning the android apps on Windows rumor: can android apps run without a "Google connection"? It would seem weird to me that MS would do this, as they went through a lot of work throwing all Google services out of chromium to create Edge... So if you'd need Google services to run android apps on Windows wouldn't that kinda undo the work they did on Edge?

  14. Tourniquet


    can we expect Project Latte to work on Windows 10x too, or is that a Windows Desktop only kind of project?

  15. Scott Ross

    Which Microsoft Ugly Sweater is your favorite

  16. dataminer49er

    Hi Brad,

    Phil Spencer spoke recently about how the future plan for xcloud was for it evolve into a hybrid platform, where some processing will be done locally and some in the cloud. You previously mention there was going to be a 100 to 125 dollar device which would provide more processing power then a streaming stick. Is there any news about this device, or will the xbox one s fill this role with a price drop?