Questions for 12/13?


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  1. fourbadcats

    1) With the year coming to an end, is this the time for reorg activity at Microsoft? Curious if you're aware of any interesting shuffles coming...

    2) Consider Chris Caposella - What do you expect his assessment of 2019 to be? Will you be having another call with him? The last was very enlightening.

    3) Another decade down... What's your assessment of tech journalism and how it's changed in the past decade. Any bright spots? Dark corners?

    Thanks for the great content!

  2. thrustbucket

    Recently there were some rumors on reddit about Cyberpunk 2077 launching on Xbox Gamepass. Most people consider that absurd. Regardless of whether that rumor is true, it got me thinking. Would it not make a lot of sense for Microsoft to cut 7 or 8 digit checks to secure high profile third party launches on gamepass? Ultimately that is still cheaper than buying and running studios, and in many ways gets them the similar results: solidifying gamepass and the Xbox ecosystem as a must have for gamers.

    Do you think it's possible that Microsoft might actually be going all in on Gamepass in such a way that they will try to secure big third party launch releases for it? Have you heard anything about this?

  3. Daninbusiness

    What are your thoughts that the Surface Duo will ship with a Snapdragon 855? Panos has said that the hardware is pretty much locked. Based on the reports I've seen in Ars and other places, it looks like the Snapdragon 865 is 5G only, won't have an integrated modem, which is likely to result in less than ideal battery life, which could be an issue with a dual-screen device. As such, sticking with the 855 (or 855+) looks like a smart move.

    For that matter - is there any indication that it will have a rear camera? From what I've seen on the mockups...not so much.

  4. geekwithkids

    Have you heard when Microsoft is planning on expanding X-Cloud beta outside of US? Particularly Canada?

    I managed to get accept into the beta but wont work in Canada. Had some success using it with a VPN, it worked pretty well but would really like to have proper access.

  5. davejramos

    Hi Brad, Dave R here!

    Business Insider published a piece yesterday titled Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explains how he future-proofed Microsoft's cloud by using the next big thing called 'edge computing'

    The article went on to mention that the idea is to push compute to local devices AND have the cloud work in tandem with those local devices - like a heterogeneous compute solution.

    It got me thinking.

    Since Crackdown 3, Microsoft hasn't really mentioned this heterogeneous solution for Xbox. Maybe they have and I've missed it? Seems when Microsoft discusses xCloud or Xbox, they do so as if they are disparate systems. You can use one or the other. But Nadella's comments hint at a future that that is otherwise. Any thoughts?

    Btw, the gray stone wall behind you looks great!!

  6. jheredia

    Hey Brad, hope I'm making it in under the wire. Just wondering in light of the Xbox news if there's a chance that the new Xbox will be modular in the same sense as the surface hub? Could it be that there is a hardware module that will be swappable and upgradable for the future? Just wondered if maybe that's what was meant by series in the name. Also given the size and shape of it, it it looks like a fairly future-proof case.

    Love your work, thanks for keeping us informed!