Questions for 12/18


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  1. s100

    Do you think the Microsoft password management offering will ever evolve into a full-fledged solution like 1Password/LastPass?

  2. Kurt Jordan

    Hey Brad, do you have any thoughts or insights on if cloud streaming will come to the old Xbox One family? In theory, games in the future will need newer hardware. Could this help keep the older hardware relevant longer and increase the GamePass subscriber count that Microsoft truly wants?

  3. mrpki

    A fun question this week: Many people get extra time with their Xbox during the holiday break and try out some new games that are often offered at a holiday discount price that they would have never purchased previously. Are you trying out any new discount games this season or any game you might encourage people to check out?

  4. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    as this will probably be the last Q&A for the year, what do you think were Microsoft's highlights- and lowlights- for the past twelve months? And what were your own professional highlights for 2020 that you look back on?

    Happy holidays and best wishes for the coming year!

  5. Kudupa

    Brad, tell us more about the SolarWinds hack & what are the implications for Microsoft?

  6. cottonwood

    Happy Holidays Brad - How goes it with the Model Y? Have you noticed anything new during these winter months?

  7. peter g

    Have you heard anything about the market place coming to Xcloud? And if so Have you heard anything of a time-line?

    Thank you.

  8. shark47

    Hey Brad,

    Why so much secrecy around Windows 10X if it's not a consumer facing OS?

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