Questions for 12/21


Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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    Any rumors of Microsoft rolling out Office 365 (and the modern Outlook app) to Xbox One now that there is keyboard and mouse support?

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    Any thoughts if Windows Lite is related to Server Core or Nano Server in Azure?

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    It’s almost Christmas - are giving or receiving any tech gifts?

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    Since you are the expert in Surface :)))) (reading your book at the moment). When do you expect the next Surface Book, will it still disconnect form the keyboard and… is it good for casual gaming?

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    Any exciting surface products in the pipeline that we're not supposed to know about

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    Is Windows Sandbox related to Win Core OS's Win32 app virtualization / containerization?

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    Will Chromium eventually replace EdgeHTML as the rendering engine of Windows 10's webview control in search, Cortana and UWP apps?

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    Is Win Core OS's default Edge browser the exact same one Microsoft build for Win 7/8?

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    Brad, any reason why does not launch anymore? It's been this way for a while, at least on my phone.

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    Brad, when are you going to let Paul know that you hacked into his home network so you can turn his Hue lights white and reboot the Hue hub each time he tries to push firmware updates?

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