Questions for 12/31?


Last podcast of 2020 – questions about the year? Drop them here

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  1. mrpki

    Ending the year with a fun one! Why not have a guest on the show sometimes? Maybe someone from XBox or Halo Infinite to provide the insider story to the latest news?

  2. brothernod

    What’s the story with Remote Play on the Series X? Why does PC remote play work with the Xbox One but not the Series X?

    Also why does the Xbox Series X controller not work with the iPhone currently?

  3. gordosan

    What's your take for Xbox VR in 2021? Are we there yet, and would it be a good idea for Microsoft to actually announce a plan ahead of PSVR2?

  4. sydney2k

    Seasons' greetings, Brad!

    I'm afraid, not a seasonal question. Arguably, the major differentiation between the new gen consoles has been Playstation's Dual Sense Controller. We know that Sony went to a third party that developed the sensory feedback for the Nintendo Switch to include it in the Dual Sense, and thus it isn't Sony's proprietary technology.

    I have three questions in one:

    1) could Microsoft, in cooperation with the third party, incorporate this technology into Xbox and PC;

    2) how long would it take; and finally

    3) is it worthwhile for Microsoft to do so?

    Happy new year, Brad!

  5. j5

    We always hear the word "innovation" thrown around when new tech comes out. However, it's rarely something innovative but rather an upgrade, faster, or smaller. So what actual tech innovations have come out this year, not upgrades, smaller or bigger, but something that's different or changed a product or service? Thanks!

  6. anoldamigauser

    Are you more or less optimistic these days with regard to Windows 10X?

  7. msumick

    No question, but happy new year Brad, you have done a fantastic job this year!