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    Given the mix of news around Windows apps and store do you think Microsoft should get out of consumer business

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    This should go under the "We help Wednesday's", but thought you may be able to help today. I reserved an Outlook email address for my young son who at this point has no reason to utilize email (except for Xbox). Like an idiot, I forgot the password. I get the message "There's a temporary problem with this service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message please try again later". This message appears every single time I try to reset his password. Is there another way to reset the password? This way seems forever broken. Thanks!


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    I have the Android beta for Cortana with lock screen support, and I enabled the feature, but I cannot figure out how to actually access Cortana from the lock screen. 

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    Should Microsoft make a bigger investment in grooming the next generation of developers?  They're obviously not doing well with the current crop of developers.  Win32 development has been at a stand-still for a decade.  Momentum for UWP and the various "Bridge" solutions seems to have stalled.  Left to market forces, kids who start learning to develop over the next ten years will naturally gravitate to iOS and Android development.  

    What if Microsoft approached the future pool of global dev talent the way that sports teams do?  Spend millions of dollars to identify talent; give them free tools; send them to coding camp; hire coding "coaches" (mentors) to work with kids in his/her area.  Get them into coding and eventually get them using MS dev tools.  Even if their first interest is getting a "hello world" app on their iPhone or Android phone, that's fine- as long as they're using MS tools and have a positive association with MS and Windows it will still be growing the potential pool of UWP developers.  

    MLB teams have baseball academies in LatAm.  AAU basketball serves as a pipeline for colleges, pros and apparel companies.  MS could take a page out of these playbooks.  Or if you don't like the sports analogy, how about trade school?  MS could leverage the interest in STEM, and in the "maker" movement to create regional programs that would raise the level of talent while also growing the number of developers.  

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    Strategies to protect your self from ransome ware?  I automatically back up everything to onedrive but recently found out that ransomeware could potentially encrypt my onedrive folder also.  Does the personal version of onedrive have anyway to recover from this if it happens?

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    Dealing with the frustration of installing Insider builds on small tablets. Haven't been able to get it installed yet!