Questions for 12/16 podcast


A bit late with this one, put any qs here!

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    Will Windows Phone 7 + 8 (Silverlight Apps) also be available on Windows 10 Cellular PCs? With Windows RT it was strange because it was ARM but couldn't run ARM (Phone) apps. 

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    If Cortana was available through multiple OEMs, would they be compatible with each other?  Would you choose the Windows 10 one with a screen or would you choose the Linux/Android one with no screen?

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    Will the new cellular pcs use the same baseband software as phones?  How will this ginormous security risk/threat vector be mitigated? 

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    Could Microsoft's new cellular PCs open the door for Skype to become a mobile virtual network operator?

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    Do you know of any manufacturers putting Windows Hello enabled cameras into monitors? I feel like this is an untapped market for peripherals right now.

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    When is the end of year laptop recommendations coming? I have to give my wife some idea what to buy me! I tried out a Spectre but wasn't as impressed with the touchpad (just didn't seem as responsive) as the Dell XPS 13. Please put the exact versions/models you tried out. Also, what are the sweet spots for specs I'm thinking 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM.