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    What did you think of the concept artwork posted on Twitter?

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    I'm having an ongoing problem with Windows tablets waking from sleep. It happens on my NuVision that I purchased from the MS Store, it happened on my HP Stream 7, and it happened on my Surface RT.

    It can sometimes take multiple presses to wake the devices, or it may never decide to wake. People have asked about the problem at the MS Forums but the useless "engineers" often can't even figure out that the devices in question are tablets.

    How many people are having these problems? Has anyone found a solution, or is this just one of those things that happens because of how Windows works?

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      In reply to jimchamplin:

      In also having this problem but it's on my Asus laptop. My laptop won't turn on until I force boot it by pressing the power button for few seconds.  I'm not sure whats going on as nothing I have done has solved the issue. 

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      In reply to jimchamplin:

      my NuVision has been a great disappointment. The firmware doesn't support S3 power state so it will not hibernate and it chews through battery while it should be asleep. I finally reset the tablet yesterday and reinstalled Windows 10 - and updated. While it has improved - it still is far from what I expected


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    What do you think about the GSOD? Was changing from Blue to Green really required, perhaps a change for the sake of it?

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    What you think about feedback app/hub? Is it really been  useful? I do not think it is as its filled with soo much cacophony and random noises drown out good feed back. I honestly think there is a need for change on how MS collects feedback. What do you think? 

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    What do you know about using Xbox One Kinect for Windows 10 as Windows Hello, Cam, Camera, etc...? What is MSFT milestone on this? My current experience with it on Fast Ring Insider Build is great when it works.

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    The one and only thing you want too see in 2017 : Personally , Work related.

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    When will Amazon Echo be able to be used as a house intercom? Seems a natural capability for those with multiple Echos in the house


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    The Clutter feature in stopped working a few weeks ago and the settings for it completely disappeared. However, the Clutter folder is now permanently attached to my Inbox and I cannot remove it. Do you happen to know if the team are going to replace this with Focused inbox? If not, I sure hope they remove the dead, useless Clutter folder.

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    When will MS let us combine MSAs?