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    If Microsoft do replace Windows 10 Mobile with Windows on Arm, as seems to be popular speculation, do you think that they would bring Windows Phone App compatibility across to that OS? As the app library for small screens is far greater and of much higher quality on Windows Phone than the current UWP app store for desktop.

  2. 1452

    Any news on Project Scorpio? Do you think it'll be just a powerful XBox One, or something more? (so like Surface, adding something extra)

  3. 6958

    Could the next Surface pen have tilt support?

    "Surface Embedded Controller Firmware 103.1414.256.0 adds support for an upcoming product release."




    Is there any news on the unreliable Copy and Past in UWP Programms?

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    Any idea if Microsoft still plans to ship Access as part of its Office 365 Business Premium subscription by the end of January, or if it's been pushed back to a later date? My company made some purchasing decisions based on this happening and I'm starting to get a little nervous.

    Here is the original announcement for reference:

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    What is coming next from Microsoft with their $1B investment in Cybersecurity? 

  6. 3229

    How do you square the 5% increase in OEM revenue with the continued decline of PC sales. Is it a substantially higher mix of Pro SKUs?

    Bonus: Do you think Microsoft is okay with how XBox has done this year, being down 1% in constant currency?

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    Have you tested the new Apple wireless ear buds? Are they noise canceling? Do you like the idea of siri built into the head phones?

  8. 5953

    Any guesses on when the build conference registration will open?

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    Thanks for checking into this for me Brad. Feel free to tweet me (@matthewitt) or reply to this if Microsoft gets back to you.

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    not a Q, just a remark: Been looking around for a multisport activity tracker lately, and have to say Msft actually really nailed the basics with Band 2, such a shame it's gone... Garmin Vivoactive HR is the best replacement I found so far, but it's amazingly ugly.

    (btw the eternal optimist in me still hopes to see a new Band launch with a Surface Mobile. Sometime. Maybe. )