Questions for 2 12?


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  1. mrpki

    Ending the week with an oldie, but a goodie: Is anyone outside of the education sector actually using Windows 10 S-Mode? Do you think Windows 10X will be based on only running in S-mode for applications?

  2. ngc224

    What are the chances Windows 10X will use “Windows” in its name?

  3. Jester

    With the announcement of Forza Horizon coming to Steam. Why are Microsoft games not also coming to EGS? Maybe Tim Sweeney and issues he had with the Windows Store?

  4. gabi bartok

    Any news about sun valley ?

  5. anoldamigauser

    Do you still use the Surface Pro X? Other than the form factor, is there anything to recommend it? Granted, it is a premium device, but given performance and compatibility issues with WoA, is it remotely worth the price?

  6. pk driven

    Happy Friday Brad!

    Have you heard of any new progress happening with the XDK for Series X|S? I have been watching Digital Foundry's next gen comparison video with peak interest and I wonder if you have any insight to add... We know on paper the Xbox Series X is a more powerful system than the PS5 and yet it can go toe to toe in basically any multiplatform game. Do you think Microsoft's development tools will catch up to Sony's? If so how long do you think it'll be before we start seeing Microsoft's console develop a significant performance lead over the PS5?

    Also, what kind of improvements to game development tools are you lookin forward too? Epic Metahumans, AMD Super Resolution/Nvidia DLSS, AI in general or VR Hands. Two Minute Papers on YouTube has an interesting video on VR Hands.

    Anyways keep up the amazing work. Peace!

  7. shark47

    When does Windows move to v11?

  8. simont

    Did this episode happen? I don't see it in the list of podcasts anywhere.