Questions for 2/14


Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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  1. MrPKI

    If all of Windows is now under Azure, who is focusing on the XBox gaming platform which is a specific port of Windows 8/10?

  2. sgtpepper

    Several centinnal apps, like screen to gif, is now available on Surface hub. Another centinnal app, the windows file manager is available on hololens , hub and even mobile. So does this means core os supports win32 since the next gen hub and hololens runs it ?

  3. willr

    Hi Brad, Xbox question: for the next-gen Xbox, is Microsoft finally going to really push DirectX 12 on developers? It would be pretty depressing to see DX11 games on the next-gen Xbox...

  4. Tourniquet

    Is 19H2 a feature2 kind of thing? Did Microsoft change the way it develops future versions of Windows?

    For me it seems like Microsoft wants to go back to one major and one minor release. With the Major (20H1) having around 1 year of development time and the minor containing just some bugfixes / minor feature without any kernel changes or other big things, similar to feature2 (which was basically just rs2 with some bugfixes and features too).

    What do you think?

  5. Bdsrev

    Brad do you have a Switch? If not, why? And if so, what do you think of it?

  6. AnOldAmigaUser

    Do you recommend an alternate keyboard for the iPhone? I had forgotten how much the stock one sucks.

  7. Lewk

    Todays 20H1 release states that 19H1 will move to the Release Preview ring next, when it's nearly ready for release. Slow Ring isn't mentioned at all and hasn't had any builds in a very long time. Is the Windows Insider Slow Ring unofficially dead?

  8. Usman

    Is there any further information on the surface ambient device? How does that fit into surface brand and scenario will it fit for, considering they've lost the smart home market.

  9. AnOldAmigaUser

    Any ideas about when Windows Lite might arrive?

  10. brucebaker

    Brad - I just reviewed your book on Audible - Super job and a great listen. The narration was a little dry but very easy to understand.

  11. scrooge mcduck

    Hi Brad, do you have an idea if the new feature "default font" for the Windows 10 Mail app will be out for everybody soon or will it be a 19H1 feature?