Questions for 2/14?


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  1. T182

    Is the official launch of Xcloud coming this year, or are a ways off yet?

  2. brothernod

    Is there any hope of Outlook on the phone getting some major updates (stuff like intelligent location additions for calendar appointments or even being able to select more than one reminder timeframe?)

    Also, if you were starting your career today, would you pick a different company to be your specialty?

  3. Andrei.Lujan

    Do you know anything about the Surface Duo and Neo battery life?

  4. Pulagatha

    Has Microsoft considered implementing the OneClip app, instead of, the clipboard history which seems to get overlooked?

  5. team56th

    • Recent rumors have it that Sony will be paying at least $450 per unit for PS5 due to RAM and NAND shortage. Experts seem to agree with it. Will this affect Series X and (if it exists that is) S pricing as well?
    • I dig the new Outlook Calendar preview in the recent Windows insider build quite a lot. Will we be seeing the preview for Mail as well? Also, this is the one that's rewritten with React Native right?
  6. wbaggerly

    Hi Brad,

    I hope you are keeping warm on this blistery cold day.

    With the delay of the Surface Hub 2X do you believe they will also delay the camera accessory that was going to be launched with it. Or might we still see that at one of this year's hardware events.

    Thanks as always for your insights,


  7. ngc224

    Is “Windows 10X” a codename, or is that going to be the actual name?

  8. john13123


    Will Xbox One X support third party uwp apps running on the console, same as Xbox One?

  9. brunoab

    Hello Brad,

    Recently, Matt Booty stated that Microsoft was focusing on current studios instead of looking for more acquisitions. However, we had some rumors that they might be looking for a studio in Poland. Do you know if they are in current negotiations with any studios and do you think that they might announce another acquisition at E3?

    Thanks for the great work!

  10. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    just saw on Reddit that there is going to be a media briefing at the Microsoft Theater concerning XBox Series, on 6 April. Any knowledge about what could be revealed there?

  11. eternal shaddai

    My question is this. Microsoft announces XCloud after the disastrous performance of cloud computing on Crackdown 3. Please explain to me why it was a disaster for Crackdown 3 on console but it'll be butterly smooth on the XCloud. They will be using the same architecture and data centers from Crackdown 3. ? How would it fare even more when Crackdown 3 runs even better on XCloud but not on the console version. Will performance take a hit once more and more people starts to use XCloud and have that performance of Crackdown 3 because of high volume.

  12. thejoefin

    Any feeling of how open Microsoft is going to be with Windows CoreOS? Will there be a general purpose insider build which could be installed on existing Windows 10 devices any time soon?

  13. craig.r.s94

    Hi Brad

    Love the show and Petri for keeping up to date

    1) Does Windows 10X support PowerShell, WSL and the new Terminal ?

    2) Will Xcloud support Chromecast on android as there are no technical limitations and the new Edge browser supports it ?

    3) Any updates on Teams for life, Xcloud for Windows and Surface Hub 2X

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  14. goodbar

    With Essential closing up shop and no longer providing updates, what do you think about continuing using a phone when it no longer receives security updates?

  15. Supergregnuma1

    Based on Apple's limitations in the app store, and lack of streaming services like Nvidia Now on ios how exactly do you see Xbox being able get a fully featured streaming app on iOS? Even though Xcloud doesn't directly compete with Apple Arcade, I'm sure Apple would prefer if you are going to game on iOS it's in their ecosystem. Do you see Apple playing ball with these other game streaming services?

  16. truestar86

    Hi Brad, thanks for all the good work.

    Got a few questions please.

    1) Do u think the Surface Team could be working on a FLAT, ONE-SCREENED ANDROID SURFACE phone as well? Like for instance a Google Pixel or Galaxy smartphone.

    2) Do u think that the XSX will be shipped with a custom Windows 10X since it's also next gen? That means a different UI compared to this XB1 generation UI, etc for example.

    3) Finally, do you also think that Moon Studios, Asobo Studios and DontDont have already joined the XGS?

    Thanks for everything, Brad !

  17. MrPKI

    Do you think you will still be able to play PubG in a Win32 container on Windows 10X?

  18. woelfel

    Have you heard of anything in regards to the launch date of xCloud (we know it's sometime later this year)? We know that the Xbox Series X is coming this Holiday but we don't know if xCloud will be launching beside it. I do know that Microsoft is being careful with how they market xCloud because of 2013 and their strategy at that time so they won't want to repeat what should be the focus: Games. It will be interesting to know how the service will roll out. :)

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