Questions for 2/25?


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  1. Bishbash93

    Surface Laptop Studio 2, what are we thinking?

    - 16inch?

    - Updated display tech like Sharp IGZO or something else?

    - RTX 4000 GPU?

    - 2023 release?

  2. Migui

    How many years do you think windows 11 will be around? I read some articles this week that said windows wasn't doing very well (talking about a low quantity of users using window 11)

  3. jnbck

    Things got nostalgic on Windows Weekly on Wednesday. Do you have a favorite era from your days reporting on Microsoft? Favorite Windows/.NET/gaming/other moments?

  4. mrpki

    Hi Brad - lets mix up a little this week with a different question: you talk a lot about XBox and Windows, but are there any other cool apps outside of Word/Excel/POwerPoint/Outlook/Teams that people might be missing and should check out?

  5. mrpki

    Since you love all the questions, I could not resist asking another this week: have you found any great apps in the Amazon Android app store? Is it worth trying out the preview on Windows 11?

  6. Pulagatha

    Dear Bram Sadds, Ugh.... I'm tired. With Microsoft working on Windows 11 and making it more feature rich, what do you think Microsoft's next initiative should be to make Windows a more friendly customer oriented platform? And what do you think is missing from Windows still?

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