Questions for 2 26


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  1. shark47

    Hey Brad, why hasn't Microsoft said anything recently about Windows 10X or whatever it will be called?

    Also, what is the future of Bing? I haven't heard anything on that front in a while.

  2. mrpki

    How about two fun questions this week?

    1. Are you going to sign up and pay for Paramount+ streaming so you can watch the Halo TV series next year?
    2. Have you considered now having the spouses host a closing monthly podcast going forward? :-)
  3. azbat360

    Why hasn't Microsoft made multiplayer free & why hasn't it replaced Live Gold subscription with a Family digital sharing plan for up 10 family members to share purchased games & Games Pass? They could provide it a la cart like Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership or make it part of Game Pass Ultimate.

  4. jlv632

    After some light was cast on the love affair for Telsa this week... Does you car have a name?

  5. obatu100

    xbox live outage. I am new to xbox, sort of. More on that in a minute. Could you talk about what an outage means. From what I can tell it means Game Pass Ultimate games like Forza Horizon 4 do not work. Things i have pined to the Home screen are no longer there... Although a Group I have is. Get other error messages when starting non-Game Pass Games. Also setting and updating a controller i got today got an error, but it did update. Could you tell us what an outage effects.

    PS: I am 46, this is my first new console. In the past, I did some computer gaming, but never on a console. I just could not get into it. I did get an Xbox 360 4 years ago, I got it cheap, and wanted to play one game in particular. Crimson Skies, an original Xbox game. (i loved the PC version, so i wanted to play this.) I played for a bit, but it sat dormant till recently. Got it working, and my 4 year old and i have been having fun.. Hydro Thunder and some Lego games. Thus I decided to get a brand new console, and we have been loving it.

    I used my Micosoft points to "pay" for Game Pass Ultimate. If I do my searches everyday, i will not need to pay for the next year and a half.

    Thanks for your time,


  6. anoldamigauser

    Now that ChromeOS is the number two operating system, is it too late for Microsoft to bring out Windows 10X?

    What's the deal with the TP? The only decision is over or under.

  7. eeisner

    How do developers get past this game storage size issue when internal storage on consoles isn't necessarily upgradable?