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  1. thejoefin

    With the reorg of Windows under Panos have you heard anything from Windows team members? Do they view this as a positive change? Also is there any change to the vision of what Windows could be in a few years?

  2. abrankar

    Hey! Do you see any possibility of Xcloud goint to the Switch? Sorry if you've been asked this before, i just curious because of the good relationship betwen MS and Nintendo. And also (To break my streak as the Xcloud guy...) Do you have any idea of the number of Gamepass subscribers? (Including the "normal" tier and the Ultimate tier) Have a good day! (And pls pronounce my name correctly this time >_<)

  3. MrPKI

    1. What new games in XBox Game Pass are you excited about seeing come out in the next month?
    2. Are games selling well independently when they are also on Xbox Game Pass?
  4. Scott Ross

    Have you tried Geforce Now? My hardware is getting a bit old and I was wondering if it would breathe new life into the games I am playing?

  5. Passinttd

    The delay of the Surface Hub 2X keeps being related to a delay with Windows 10X. During demos and visions of the Surface Hub 2X, they showed a lot of multi-user log in and Teams integrations.

    Is it possible that those are separate from Windows 10X and specially developed for Surface Hub 2X? Therefore the true cause for the delay / cancellation?

    It's hard to believe that Surface Hub 2X is being delayed because of an OS features like rotation and tiling when those seem so simple compared to a shared workspace with multi user authentication on the same screen.

  6. psychoker

    Hey Brad i hope you are well ,

    So do you think that we will see a new Store , that is filled with PWAs and maybe MSIX Apps, in Windows 10 and especially in Win 10 X , because UWP "isnt any more" .

    My thought was that X means “new”, “modern” or “future” at Microsoft in the moment , so i thought with MSIX it could be a new try.

    I hope you understand what i mean ?

    And a little site question what about Teams For Life respectively Microsoft For Life.

    Have a great day ✌

  7. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    what are your personal opinions about the management changes that have happened recently there at Microsoft- positive or negative- and where do you think Windows and Office may head to under the new leadership?

    Also- Flight Simulator 2020- were you not given access to the alpha build, or aren't you allowed to tell us if you did?


  8. sherlockholmes

    Hi Brad,

    I know that you and Paul are in search for a desktop mail client. Have you considered I use it since a year and Im happy with it. It has push notification when the app is closed and the GMail calendar is part of the app. I use the yearly subscription.

  9. deltaprime

    Hi Brad. There were rumours floating around a few years back that Microsoft had a PC port of Halo 5: Guardians in a playable state and was being tested externally. Do you know if this was true or just wishful thinking? Also do you expect Halo 5: Guardians to be released on the PC? As far as I know it's the only Halo game that's not either currently on PC or announced as coming to PC.

  10. anoldamigauser

    Any news on Office/Teams for Life?

    Do you think this is a way to bring consumers into a system that would benefit from Microsoft Search? Do you think that they want Teams to replace Skype for video conferencing and messaging? Do you think they may position Teams as a personally managed social media platform, a place just for friends and family?

    Just wondering. Without a bit of thought, it is the sort of product that can get out of hand quickly.

  11. thurtop

    I LOVE "instant on" on my Surface pro 7. But how does it work on it? It only works once in a while. In the past, it worked fine every time. Hard to find anything about it on the web.

    Are there any settings or maybe something in the registry?

  12. Tourniquet

    Now that Panos is head of windows and devices, how do you think can Panos impact Windows? He's basically one of the last people that came from the Sinofsky Area (which in my mind stood for very high quality Windows production).

    Is it possible that he's going to revisit plans like killing Aruba, Polaris, Andromeda?

    Also: Which part of Windows are exactly under Panos now? WCOS seems to be not the case? The Shell stuff for sure, but what else is there besides the Shell, that's part of the "Client" side of Windows?

    Is there hope he can improve the "quality of Windows" ?

  13. Kudupa

    Hey Brad, I have 2 questions,

    1) Have you heard anything about Surface Duo Camera placement? and have they locked down the hardware design?

    2) What's with the rumors about a new Kindle reader app for Windows? Is Amazon or Microsoft building one?

  14. Yzencee

    Is Mixer in trouble with its new MySpace-like experience built-in to the Xbox interface? I understand the move but it seems to be missing features that the Xbox app and website have; no streamer profiles, no mute button, chat overlays the stream & streamer. Maybe it's just me but the new look is a big disappointment and unprofessional looking.

  15. spacecamel

    Why does Mixer only have phone apps and nothing for Roku, AppleTV or FireTV like Twitch?

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