Questions for 2/8


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  1. Jamie DeGrazio

    Any scoops on XCloud beta? Any concern this will not be available on iOS. Xbox controller are not supported by iOS at the moment.

  2. kwicktech

    What's the latest on the next Surface Book...2.5 refresh only? 3? Or other supposed device.

  3. Usman

    Will we see Edge chromium as part of this years April update or the later release in the year?

  4. willr

    Hi Brad, kind of a follow up question: will the Xbox Two X use NVMe for its' SSD? (btw, I know it won't actually be called "Two")

  5. Bdsrev

    Brad have you heard about this issue with I believe all Surface devices where the screen dims if you're on something dark, like a dark website or you have a dark movie in full screen. I'm seeing a lot of Surface customers complaining about this and it's starting to worry me, do you know what's going on here? Apparently it has to do with Intel's graphics drivers but Microsoft won't allow people to disable this dimming 'feature'

  6. AnOldAmigaUser

    Are you thinking of putting the Surface Go into the Insiders Program to see if the use of the retpoline patch for Spectre improves the performance?

  7. jlv632

    I could be wrong but is the Microsoft / NFL Surface Deal now completed? If so, do you see the following:

    • Microsoft renewing the deal? (I've only seen bad PR over the years)
    • If the program isn't renewed.. any idea on how Microsoft would dispose of the used gear? Could you see them sell it via Tech Recyclers or on the 2nd hand Market?