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  1. PcGuy8088

    Is there a beta version available of the Microsoft Authenticator aoo for Windows 10 Mobile like there is for iOS and Android? The current version of app on Windows 10 Mobile 6.0.13, is a step back from the Windows 8.1 version. The app does not have the ability to edit nor rearrange the entries. They simply show up in the order they were added to the app. Only thing you can do is add or delete entries. This type of app could do with a PIN to limit access to the app itself.

  2. MerlinE.

    1. Edge extensions what is the deal? I thought it would be a easy port of Chrome extensions is nobody bothering or did MS over promise and under deliver?
    2. Microsoft Bot Framework Dead on arrival? The only useful bot in Skype is IFTTT, no Wunderlist, no Office, no Cortana, is everybody waiting for Cortana skills?
    3. If the world runs out of Fridays will you move the podcast to Thursday or Saturday?

  3. Lewk

    Why is the Microsoft Authenticator app only available for Windows 10 on Mobile, and not also PC? I have a work phone that I don't have permission to install the Authenticator App on, for my personal account. But I have a personal Surface Pro 3 that I would love to have the Microsoft Authenticator app on. Any idea why they're limiting it to mobile only?

  4. colinizer

    Let's say MS brings out a strong mobile contenter for business, e.g. Surface Pocket (or whatever). In IDC/Gartner reports, even a niche success will look like 2-3% in the vast pool. Do you think IDC/Gartner will create a justifiable separate category that will make it look healthier, e.g. Mobile PCs or Flexible display devices. Does it matter?

  5. Micheal

    In the insider program you can download the latest build ISO and I did to install in a VM but I cant activate it! does this mean I have to buy another copy to be an insider/tester! as I don't want to mess with my 1607 build?

  6. Fusciacastle

    Do you guys know what happened to Project Sienna, a quick way to develop apps for small and medium businesses? It still exists but seems to be abandoned. That and App Studio combined would be great for non developers to use.

  7. Tourniquet

    Everyone complains about no features with RS2 for Windows 10 Mobile.

    But what's up with Hololens? Will there be a RS2 release / insider preview? Any new features for that?

    Also what happened to the 3D scanning app for Windows 10 Mobile?

  8. inlocoabsentia

    Paul is trying out the Envy AIO desktop which has a curved UWQHD screen and 21:9 aspect ratio. Have you tried a monitor like this before? If so, what do you think of them, especially compared to 4k monitors?

    Call me ila ("eye-lah") for short.

  9. John Willis

    If we can type 60 word per minute, and speak 400 words per minute.. shouldn't we be looking forward to mice or computer input devices faster than 400 words per minute? The functional f-MRI mouse for example? -- makes you wonder if the Holo-Lens is a head scanner in disguise.. wrap that brain up in a box that doesn't look like a box.

  10. Paul Thurrott

    Why Brad? Why?

  11. mruszczyk

    Will Microsoft ever get Edge right? Why is it never updated even though it can be serviced via store? No new extensions. Their heart is in the right place but why is it still so terrible.

  12. JCerna

    Any update on windows 10 on ARM?