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  1. emanon2121

    Does Microsoft plan to make meaningful consumer apps again? E.G. A good photos app such as Google Photos, Groove as good as Zune was, and of course a much improved One drive? If not, why bother?

  2. michaelmartinez

    Given all of the emulation talk coming to Windows 10 Cloud, Mobile, and traditional OS via Qualcomm, could Microsoft further kickstart the gaming market by emulating Xbox 360 titles into UWP that can be used in the store?

    • jlv632

      In reply to michaelmartinez:

      Great question and Idea but I reckon that the licencing side of pulling this off will be way too hard. Even for someone like Microsoft. Thinking about it, some publishers of X360 games would have signed agreements to be on that platform as early as 2004 

      • c1c2c3c4c

        In reply to jlv632: Microsoft titles could potentially, but I'm not entirely sure how they are run on the Xbox, i think it may be partially hardware dependent code on the Xbox one to"break" drm.

  3. jlv632

    Is Windows Phone Dead?

    Okay.. joke. Real question is will the Surface Pro 5 / Book 2 be pointless and almost obsolete on release if they don't move from 'Surface Connect' to 'USB - C'? I get that these devices will push forward to the latest Intel processor (away from Skylake) but sticking with 'Surface Connect' (a Surface Proprietary plug) is almost an Apple thing to. Should we expect more from Microsoft? 

  4. Rob7

    I think I may be the only person with a Windows Phone  - 950XL - and all the major updates seems to have stopped. Are we going to see any activity ......soon ?

    • JudaZuk

      In reply to Rob7:

      Well if you run Windows Phone on a 950XL , yes you are probably the only one, as that phone shipped with Windows 10 mobile :) But no you are not alone in using a 950XL, I have one and love it. and I got an insider build recently, so they are still updating it

  5. c1c2c3c4c

    do you suppose the surface phone will have a performance base? Do you suppose the surface phone will have Xbox controller support? Do you suppose the surface phone will have a cloud game share with Scorpio? 2 second of brainstorming, so don't judge my ideas. ?

  6. Chris_Kez

    Windows Developers-- has a group ever done less with more?

    MS seems to have done everything possible short of writing the apps (and I think they've even done that on occasion) and yet the Windows Store is mostly a wasteland. MS will again host thousands of developers at BUILD this year; will tout new improvements to Visual Studio, new cross-platform tools, new open source initiatives, Cortana and Cognitive Services SDKs, bots, a freaking holographic platform. And nothing will change. Seriously, what are these thousands and thousands of developers doing? What are they waiting for?

  7. krisarthur

    Dell XPS 15 (2017 Model) vs HP Spectre 15" Model

    The Dell seems to come with a much better video card... how is this not one of the better laptops? It has a great touchpad. Why no love? the UHD screen is fantastic, form factor good, probably priced a little high, but that form factor with that screen and a 1050 nVidia card? Seems like a decent gaming machine, great sized screen, and good keyboard and solid touchpad... Will there be a comparison?!

  8. Sprtfan Premium worth it if you are not interested in the personalized email accounts? Does the automatic sharing relationships for calendar, contacts, ect.. add anything over what can easily be set up by yourself? Ad free is nice but not worth what would turn into $30 a year. I want to sign up while it is discounted but I'm having a hard time talking myself into it I guess.

  9. Brandonlpierce

    Just watched Gone Baby Gone. For Paul: do Bostonians feel pride or shame about the Afflecks? For Brad: Skyline or Gold Star?

    Happy Friday!

  10. Rycott

    Is Microsoft ever going to update Bing Maps with a zoom out feature. I assume it doesn't have one as Microsoft doesn't seem to realise there are actually locations outside of the US.

    At its height Windows Phone had over 10% market share in Australia and I am pretty sure a fair few European countries, and yet it would take forever to get any feature outside of the US. Windows 10 had Cortana taken away after Australia finally got it in 8. Cortana still isn't available on Android in Australia without jumping through some hoops. Zune not launching outside the US probably did it no favours back in the day.

    I understand its not as easy as it sounds but surely other English speaking countries should be so difficult to start with. Even if it doesn't have a fully customised feature set... like team tracking in Cortana etc.

  11. MacNala

    Have you any information on when insiders in the UK will be able to test the Book Reading from the Windows Store.

    At the moment the category does not appear when you open the Store.

  12. ponsaelius


    I have a couple of thoughts which are questions (of a sort).

    1. Is an ultra mobile device that can make calls a smartphone? How does it differ from the existing ultra mobile device that makes calls which is usually Android or IOS? Is this really just Microsoft avoiding using words like "windowsphone" or "surfacephone"? If they sell a surface device of this type then they are in the territory of some kind of aspirational device? It sounds like a Surface Mini with a headset!
    2. Like a ghost from the past Nokia is expected to release a new device at Mobile World Congress. It's not the Nokia Microsoft paid $7.2 billion for tho. It's the Nokia staff Microsoft let go and are now building a phone with Nokia design and Android OS. Here is a retro thought. Nokia has a big global following and when Stephen Elop sided with Windowsphone there was an audible international groan. Nokia never had any presence in the USA. What if this Nokia designed flagship sells well outside the USA? Will any US based journalists notice? If it does sell well based on Nokia design does that mean a Nokia with Android is speaking volumes about the weak partner in the Nokia/Microsoft deal - namely the failure was Windows on mobile not Nokia. Interesting to watch how this goes.

  13. helix2301

    What current Audible books is Paul working on?