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    It seems like Windows Cloud ist the Desktop OS with restrictions to install normal Apps and only allow Apps from the Store, just like Windows RT.

    Why doesn’t Microsoft just use Windows 10 Mobile with CShell? It’s more lightweight and could also run on x86 if they allow it? And on ARM it would be possible to also use Phone Apps.

  2. 5664

    Doing better, Brad? Hope so!

    We saw a lot of nice bits of UI polish coming in the Creator's Update, like a brightness and volume slider in Action Center. If we're losing My People, are we at least going to see some of those additions? I love those cleaner looking changes!

  3. 3842

    Hey Brad. Hope you are feeling better.

    Do you expect integrated Beam streaming to make a dent into the streaming service market? Twitch is dominant and YouTube Live is getting popular too.

  4. 830

    Can you rank the Star Wars films in order of your favourite, to least favourite?

  5. 9021

    Is the Surface Pro 3 worth getting or should I wait for the next version if it comes out? Just got an email from Newegg $589.99 for i5, 8GB RAM, 256 storage. I do not have a tablet or laptop. Just a custom built PC and a Nokia ICON. Honestly, I might wait until the end of the year when I pay off my washer and dryer.


    Any word on OTA DVR for Xbox One? User Voice has increased 2.5X since "On Hold" was announce before E3:

    Originally around 2,100 and is now 5,575 votes. If you take out Backwards Compatibility titles and the people asking for free or cheaper items (Elite controller is too expensive, Elite controller to come with play and charge kit, free gamer tag change, free online multiplayer, ect..), that puts OTA DVR at top 25 of requests.

  6. 2627

    Do you think it's alright to leave the boy with uncle Ernie?