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  1. brisonharvey

    In light of the looming pandemic, it seems like the go-to solution is for companies to move to an ad-hoc work from home environment, which requires some technical infrastructure. Which tech company is best prepared to serve this growing need? Microsoft (Teams, Office, Microsoft 365), Google (Meet, Hangouts, G Suite), or others (Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, etc.)?

  2. rubbb3rduck

    Great podcast! Been listening for the last year and I've finally got a (actually two) questions :p

    1) Might there be a future where even gaming (and video editing, etc) will be better on a w10x pc? I mean, can containerizing applications make a pc more performant?

    2) Could msft make in the future a portable device that can be a classic android device with telephony capabilities as well as a w10x device when for example connected to a screen, keyboard and mouse? Basically a new approach to msft continuum and samsung decks?

  3. bart

    Hi Brad,

    I have heard you talk about Microsoft Teams / Skype federation. Can you explain what it is exactly? I am assuming some sorted of interoperability. Is it on your wishlist?

  4. eeisner

    Hey Brad, have a few questions for ya:

    1. I work for a small company (~25 people) based in Seattle, but we don't have an office, we're all WFH (never been happier, thanks Coronavirus). We currently use a combination of both Skype and Slack for internal communication, and Zoom for both full-team internal meetings and external client meetings. We're looking to transition over to Teams only as it's free with our O365, so I'm curious as to a) what problems BWW had when you guys tried Teams, and b) if you have an updated timeline on both Skype integration and using teams with people outside of the organization.
    2. I know if you're in the alpha you're under NDA, but any idea what the min specs will be for MSFS 2020, and/or if the Azure support will help non-gaming machines run the sim?
    3. With regard to XBOX Series X backward compatibility, have you heard if OG XBOX and 360 games will work natively or if devs will have to update their games/resubmit as they had to with XBOX One BC? Would love to get the NCAA Football games running again...


  5. Ingiomar Martina

    So I've been hearing that we're finally getting Lockhart information next week. Can you "confirm" that it's just a traditional console and not a handheld or something else?

    What do you think was the reason that there was/is so little information about it?

  6. will

    With the rumored upcoming Surface Book 3 to mainly be an internal update and not much of a redesign I wanted to see if you heard if they will be releasing a black version in addition to the current magnesium grey color? Both the Pro and Laptop now come in black and curious if the Book may get this color as well?

  7. MrPKI

    With all the companies cancelling in-person conferences, do you think this might shift the entire industry to offering virtual conferences are paid in the future?

  8. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    in the recent tech reveal of Series X, Phil Spencer mentioned that consoles were part of the Takehome program. I am assuming that the Takehome program is a program to trial Microsoft products (such as the Series X, and the Surface Neo and Duo) in the "wild", to test them under home and work conditions. Do you know much more about this program, and what does it say about release dates of products being tested if they are in this program?

  9. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well,

    So my questions are:

    1) Do you think that the Surface Duo will support 120 or 90hz , when not do you think it will ever happen

    2) Any other Surface product that will support high refresh rate in the future

    3) So it is rumored that the Surface Duo comes in the Summer , do you think it is so early , that they can get feedback to work as soon as possible on a second version

    Have a nice day ✌

  10. Bdsrev

    Hi Brad! quick q: will the Surface Pro 8 have a headphone jack? I'm worried it won't because the Surface Pro X doesn't have a headphone jack

  11. Usman

    With regards to the Duo, are they seriously considering releasing it with last years specs and no 5G? Is it a cost saving measure to use last years snapdragon, like how Samsung did with the Z flip.

  12. sherlockholmes

    Hi Brad, I saw an ad in Office 365 home for the first time today. I did a post in the forums with a pic on it. Do you know something about it? Is Microsoft doing the same shit in Office as they do it in Windows? Thanks. Chris