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  1. simont

    Now that Samsung, Huawei, etc have introduced foldable phones, do you think this will have any affect on Andromeda or is this just another case of companies introducing a product/solution for a problem that currently doesn't exist?

  2. Bdsrev

    Hi Brad, I just saw your YouTube video about the Nintendo rumors. Do you think Microsoft and Nintendo will announce whatever they're doing together at E3 in June? It would be perfect because Sony isn't going to E3 this year

  3. willr

    Brad, what are your thoughts on Apple getting away with MacBook Keyboardgate (even the newest MacBooks with the 3rd gen quieter keyboard still have the same problems). Consumer Reports won't pull their MacBook recommendations even though there is still clearly a serious problem with MacBook keyboards

  4. AnOldAmigaUser

    Do you think that Windows Lite will be as easy to maintain as Chrome, or will there still be too much of Windows in it?

  5. team56th

    Brad, do you know if there are some level of high-ranking exchanges between Xbox Game Studios and Nintendo of America? Both are located in the same city, Xbox has had some ex-NOA producers since the original Xbox launch, both chased similar ideas in the past (motion control, indie support, etc), and until late 2000s Rare even released several games for Nintendo DS.

    I've presumed it was possible because Microsoft's gaming department and Nintendo have been maintaining close relationship, but now that you've become serious about gaming news, I wonder if you heard anything about their relationship.

  6. Rick

    Hi Brad, do you think we will see any foldable window devices this year? What surface devices do you expect that we will see this year?

  7. Pulagatha

    Has there been any talk regarding making the user interface more consistent, for instance, matching up the scrollbar arrows on the mobile apps and the desktop apps? In the new Office icons video, they showed off redesigned start menu icons, will the desktop icons get a redesign as well (such as the my desktop icon, or the file association icons?) Also, I know this is almost pointless to say, but I really wish the tablet interface (and as an option the desktop) had a floating app bar. (Like the Michael West design on Twitter.) Also, Is there any time-frame on the removal of the Control Panel?

  8. Yzencee

    Is there any information regarding a release date for version 2 of the Xbox Elite controller? The Elite Controller has been around since October 2015 and I am holding out for a newer version. I'd even consider a Scuf but they have also not released a newer controller for the Xbox, and they appear to be sold out of all their Xbox models. Thanks.

  9. MerlinE.

    Is there any hope that Outlook "Mobile" (iOS and Androide App) makes it to the desktop?

  10. brothernod

    Are there any credible rumors on how powerful the X2 and X2X consoles will be when they release next year?

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