Questions for 3/11?


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  1. mrpki

    Hi Brad - lets end the week with some challenging questions.

    1. It seems that Dell is not adopting Pluton and Lenovo has it off by default. Is this already a dead technology?
    2. Microsoft is now offering a Cybersecurity Architect Expert certification? Do you think this will be the new MCSE of the 2200 decade? Did you ever pursue a Microsoft certification in the past? No BS!
  2. shark47

    Is Microsoft basically trying to turn Windows into an ad serving platform? I'm wondering what they get by annoying their user base.

    • anoldamigauser

      Annoyed users?

      The problem is that when they dog food their software, they are using Enterprise accounts. The entire C-Suite and upper management should have to work on Windows Home, a Microsoft 365 Personal/Family subscription, and an Outlook dot com email address.

  3. Mary Jo Foley

    Will the MLB teams be using M1 iPad Airs now that Tim Cook saved baseball this season?

  4. matheusdolci

    know have how in the future we have a competion between xbox studios and tencent games of "WHO AQUIRE MORE PUBLISHERS" now that have a list of the value of all the publishers could this intensenfie the competion between xbox and tencent in aquisitions terms?

  5. ingi0m4rx

    What is Xbox's Codename Keystone?

  6. confusedgeek

    I would like Xbox to do more events during the year instead of just focusing on E3.

    but do they have to?

    do you think they will do more events once the games start flowing at a steady pace?

  7. Migui

    Rumors about a new Xbox console have been showing up recently. Do you think Microsoft will launch a "Switch" but focused on game pass and cloud gaming?

  8. madthinus

    Clipchamp and monetisation it is bringing to Windows. On top of that the forced Bing search in search. Is Windows 11 the final push to get enthusiast to go elsewhere?

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