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Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them below.

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    Do you think Microsoft will do an Xbox portable? To compete with the Switch.

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    jay wolf

    Hey Brad

    Now that the Bathehsda and Microsoft merger is now complete. Do you see Microsoft acquiring another big game studio this year ?

    There were rumors going around in early January of Microsoft purchasing another Bathehsda size developer/publisher which would be revealed later this year or early 2022.

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    Hi Brad,

    This is Joe.

    Do you think Microsoft will announce Azure hosted Win32 apps for Windows 10X this year?

    Thanks so much for all the great content!

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    You have any idea on what strategy Microsoft is following with OneDrive & its Photos app? Or do they even have any Strategy?

    Phots app for now looks like a rudderless and completely useless on Windows and ita not even cross platform.

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    Hey Brad,

    In the Betheada interview Phil mentions ideas for "Future id Tech". Do you think Xbox could setup id Tech as a potential Unreal Engine competitor for any developer to make licence Free GP games on I'd Tech Engine?

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    Is there anything you can say about a Surface spring event?

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    Do you think we can expect any new Surface form factors or even a new Surface Pro X this year?

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