Questions for 3/13?


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  1. drunken geit

    With E3 cancelled do you think 2019 will be remembered as the last proper e3? seeing as how more and more companies have gone for a streaming option instead?

  2. davidallen

    I listen to you guys daily, have followed Paul since the Windows Chicago beta program. (Windows 95-98) With the virus out there and everything moving online, there's an assumption that people have high speed internet. A good portion of people don't. Have either of you heard from people that don't have the ability to work online? Seems that would be an issue missed

  3. team56th

    Have you heard about how well Microsoft is coping with the COVID-19 outbreak? Last week you said that this is going to be a proving ground for Teams; is it working well with the insiders you know?

  4. sherlockholmes

    Hi Brad, I have a weird Computer science problem. On the New Edge, when I close the browser, Im automaticly locked out from Neither Brave or Firefox has that problem. Any ideas?

  5. simont

    Any suggestions for a better AppleTV remote? Mine is about to bounce off a wall.

  6. marvyn

    Have you and Paul squared off in the new CoD yet?

  7. felipe.costa09

    Hi Brad, With this new game generation that Xbox is going all in with multi-platform games and subscription based services and looks like Sony is going with the “same” strategy (A little bit slow but still), Whats is the Nintendo strategy for the long term?

  8. tripleplayed

    Right now, there are no Xbox 360 or Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Games in the xCloud Preview Program. Any idea if or when they might start testing BC titles.

  9. thrustbucket

    What is the likelihood Microsoft launches the Xbox Series S this year, and what is the likelihood they announce it this year if they are not planning to?

    What are your bets for what they will announce/show next week?

  10. agizmo

    Any advice for working remote? I'm someone to actually enjoys working in an office because it gets me out of the house and interacting face-to-face. The prospect of being forced to stay at my house to work/live 24/7 is depressing.

  11. jules_wombat

    Whatever happened to the Hololens ? The Hololens 2 was announced early last year, but there has been nothing released in the last year.

    • Usman

      In reply to Jules_Wombat:

      It's slowly being sold, larger enterprises are getting their batches first. Smaller quantity orders are prioritised to existing MR/VR companies.

      In the UK, we can finally purchase them, however I was told there initially was 6 week delivery time but they don't know now due to the corona virus situation.

  12. davidallen

    The Surface Pro X hasn't been mentioned in the news lately. I've been holding off on purchasing one until Microsoft improved the emulation of apps. Brad I know you have one and talked about how great it is, still feel the same? Have the compatibility issues gotten better?

  13. Usman

    are the new intel chips on the Neo, Intel's answer to ARM? They seem to follow the same big.LITTLE architecture that ARM uses. What happens to Windows on ARM if these intel chips deliver similar performance and battery life.

    A few questions related to Xbox and xCloud

    Currently xCloud consists of Xbox One S motherboards in a server blade. Stadia and Nvidia use traditional blades with CPU and GPUs. Will the future of xCloud start using Xbox Series X motherboards or will they use traditional PC hardware?

    Final questions was the the streaming only console cancelled?