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  1. drunken geit

    a while back rumour had it that microsoft patented magnetic USB-C Surface connector is there anything news or was it "fake news" and if so do you think usb c will be common on surface? also are you a dog person or cat person?

  2. brothernod

    Any credible rumors for how powerful the NextBoxes will be?

  3. shcole

    What did you mean in your Windows Lite/Santorini article when you said Santorini will have file explorer? Santorini will have the UWP file explorer, not the legacy one, right?

  4. MrPKI

    Do you think XBox Cloud streaming has any reasonable potential at all if they are only showing a racing game?

  5. ngc224

    Can we expect a wearable product from Microsoft in 2019?

  6. Bdsrev

    Hi Brad. With Windows 7 hitting EoL in less than a year, do you know if Microsoft is also using this opportunity to push Surface devices to businesses? They could sell a lot of Surface computers in the next year or 2 because of Windows 7 EoL, I hope they take advantage of this opportunity

  7. willr

    Brad do you know what the next gen Xbox's will look like in terms of physical design? The Xbox One S is honestly the best looking game console of all time, I'm really eager to see what the next-gen stuff will look like

  8. jules_wombat

    Brad, Do you feel that an Android based desktop represents any significant threat to Windows in business ?

    [How can a heavyweight OS like Windows, with all ist adminstration overheads compare to simpler lightweight platform ? ]

    • wright_is

      In reply to Jules_Wombat:

      Flexibility. Legacy.

      Those two things are where Android falls down at the moment (and Windows 7, 8 and 10). We have old software that only runs on Windows XP, Windows 9x or even DOS. You can't run it on a more modern version of Windows, let alone on Android.

      Most business software is also written for Windows. If you've invested 6 or 7 figures on software to run your business, you aren't just going to throw it out because Android is flavour of the month.

      Even standard software, like SAP, has some tools available on Android or iOS, but a majority still has to be done through fat clients, bespoke software or, if you are very lucky, a web browser newer the IE. (And, yes, SAP also offers some more modern alternatives, but a lot of companies still run older versions and are averse to forking out millions in updating to more modern versions.)

      This is one of the biggest reasons why Windows can't even replace itself with a newer, slimmer, legacy free version.

      Opening files on local file servers is also a thing. A lot of companies can't use the cloud for legal or regulatory reasons, most Office apps, including Microsoft's and Google's for Android only open cloud based documents.

      In some verticals, Android and iOS bring a new freedom, but I would contend, at least for the near future that Windows will be hard to push off of the corporate desk.

      I will be interested to see how Android copes with dozens of open, overlapping windows and multiple (3 or 4) displays.

  9. TheJoeFin

    It has been interesting watching the issues list on the Windows Calculator Github repo. There are some trolls but mostly very valid issue with the app. It makes me excited to think of Microsoft open sourcing more of Windows.

    Do you have any idea of what the open source plan is for Windows? More utilities like notepad, Wordpad?, Alarms? 3D Viewer? Any core OS components like the Action Center or Start Menu? Would any part of Windows Core OS be open sourced?

  10. simont

    Everyone seems to focusing on Windows 7 EOL in January and they keep forgetting that Windows 2008R2 server EOL is also on that date. That will probebly have more effect on companies than Windows 7 as it is much harder to move server apps than desktop apps.

  11. dondrye

    Will the next Surface Pro use a Snapdragon 8cx? Will there ever be a Snapdragon 1000 as once rumored? When will Surface products use Thunderbolt3/USB4? Thanks.

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