Questions for 3/16?


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  1. thespecificocean

    Any news on when the first batch of PWAs are going to start showing up in the store? Also, are there any rumblings about a renewed interest in a STB / streaming media device from MS?

  2. Scott Ross

    How much traffic does get with edge browsers? Did that number go up with Paul testing S Mode?

  3. stevenlack

    Do you have any new information on Andromeda? I heard the rumor of the "Modern Workplace" event that might take place on May 15th, but nothing about Andromeda making an appearance (The whole event is a rumor, and one can only guess what might appear). Do you think Andromeda might be shown at BUILD or this rumored event?

    I also heard Microsoft might release a developer edition of Andromeda first (which makes sense), this would essentially be the same as what they're doing with Hololens. Do you see a consumer edition coming out this year, or just a developer edition (If at all)

  4. Averroda

    Brad did you see the clipboard feature on the SwiftKey 7.0 update for iOS and Android. Do you think this is the groundwork for cloud clipboard?

  5. marmantrout

    As a developer myself it seems Microsoft seems to be out of cool new features for windows. When I was younger I used to get excited about new UI changes and features use Windows on a daily basis but I don't see any new features that really matter anymore. Has windows development peaked and they are riding it out?

  6. hrlngrv

    Who in their right mind would have come up with Wear OS? Is this a sign for the beginning of the end for Google?

    • Kudupa

      In reply to hrlngrv: It's not end of Google and you shouldn't wish that. Yes, they are a bully and Microsoft was a bully in its haydays. But, how regulators dealing with the situation is different.
      Google is needed & essential for this world

  7. ponsaelius

    Microsoft might be all in on mixed reality but is there any evidence that consumers are buying more MR headsets than bought (now cancelled) Lumia phones?

  8. Kudupa

    Hey Brad got a question for you.

    1) Why can't Microsoft bring Edge to store? Leave the engine in OS & bring skin to store like chrome on Android.

  9. marmantrout

    Why do you think the XBox strategy is losing to playstation what is the answer for a turn around ?

  10. TheJoeFin

    With more Windows 10 devices coming with cellular connectivity do you think Microsoft will ever turn Skype into a proper iMessage competitor (sending receiving SMS/MMS, calls, cross device sync, etc.)?

  11. colinizer

    is the ongoing "10" in he Windows version number failing to grab attention with twice-a-year trees falling in the woods fpr consumers? Should Microsoft go to big bang once a year updates with number increments and if so what features would justify turning the version up to 11?