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  1. jnbck

    Can you give a quick rundown on what a person would need to run XBOX games on PC?

    Are all XBOX games available to play on PC?

    Are the same games available on Gamepass for PC and console?

  2. kshsystems

    i have been checking availability for XBOX Series X everyday since they were released, and each day, i see out of stock.

    Any idea when stock will check up with demand?

  3. jvnyc

    What were the Xbox wireless headset EQ settings, mentioned in your review, that got you the best sound?

  4. mrpki

    If the XBox wireless headset is a dud, what is your best recommended wireless headset for XBox gaming?

  5. brothernod

    Any word from Audeze on the Penrose headset?

    Also, technical podcast question. If you and Paul wanted identical quality video feeds, would that require him to record locally and you to manually splice the footage?

  6. mrpki

    Since it is a slow question week, here is a second question: do you listen to other podcasts outside of Windows Weekly? If so, which one(s)?

  7. Usman

    I have a few questions to make up for my absence


    What have you heard about Hanami / Hololens 2 refresh? I have a Hololens 2 currently for hobby / dev learning purposes. The rumour suggests a processor upgrade since the old 845/850 is pretty slow by today's comparison.

    Do you think Microsoft will offer a trade-in upgrade? Since they designed the compute to be separate from the display system. A processor upgrade is welcome, especially considering how slow Chromium Edge and other 2D apps run on this thing.


    Following on I've played around with the Microsoft Mesh app, I'm surprised they went with AltSpace VR avatars instead of the Xbox Avatars. It would have been nice to see Xbox avatars being used across other Microsoft services. I saw common complaints that the alt space vr avatars didn't look that polished or customisable. What do you think made them choose one over the other?


    Could we see Game Pass PC allowing installs from Steam? I thought the delay for EA Play on PC was to do with packaging games into the MS store since the Xbox app is just a fancy frontend for the MS store. However, the EA Play app installs them outside from the Microsoft Store.

    It would be a nice choice for PC players to pick how games are played, be it the packaged store version or the traditional .exe PC version you get from steam.


    Now that the Xbox headset has released, what're the chances of potential Surface headphones 3 incorporating Xbox wireless capabilities to double duty as an 'Elite' version of the Xbox headset, that also has good quality audio


    If Xbox Chredge gets mouse and keyboard support, would that make the Series S is a nice affordable Chromium Desktop especially if it supports PWAs?



    I saw there were questions as to why/how Chredge is running on Xbox.

    At MR dev days last year, Alex Kipman was asked about chredge and hololens. His answer was that the team were working on it, it required the rendering engine (webview2) and other components to work within the UWP runtime.

    They seemed to have finally got the application running within the UWP runtime, so now any device running Windows 10 21H1 should be able to run chredge and webview 2. I believe there's some involvement with project reunion etc that helped make it possible to run.

  8. psychoker

    Hey Brad , hope you are god.

    So my question is, with the rumor of Android App support on Windows what about a new App Store for Win 10 & Win 10X & Android as well. Could they bring a Play Store replacment.

    Thanks and have a great day ✌