Questions for 3/18?


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  1. will

    Is the Surface Studio dead? Any rumors of a possible refresh this year? Personally I think Microsoft should decouple the display from the computer and just sell the display as a docking screen option for the Surface or any Windows device.

  2. mrpki

    Hi Brad - two ending questions to help make this session fun.

    1. Your bro Paul Thurrott said that Windows search on Windows 11 is horrible and unusable. Any thoughts on how Start11 might be able to help with this since you are fixing the overall experience and taskbar now?
    2. Any chance you will provide us weekly reviews of the Halo TV series starting next week as a premium feature offering?
  3. atlantapaul

    How does Paul really feel about ads in MS file explorer?

  4. ingi0m4rx

    I asked you this on Twitter but I'm not sure you've seen it but have you guys thought about creating a gaming focused UI like Steam Big Picture Mode or Playnite for Windows at Stardock? Would be cool for when you want to stream games from your PC to your TV or use on your Steamdeck instead of the regular desktop UI

  5. thejoefin

    Does Microsoft think their strategy for low power devices is working?

    I love the tablet improvements they are making to Windows 11, but my #1 feature request would be improved performance across the board.

  6. alsorun

    hi, Brad. I read Paul's premiere article and am surprised that he has such a negative view of Windows 11 (all bad, no good). My questions are: Do you share his view? Do you think this site will transition to a Linux site as Paul is deeply unhappy about Windows. Honestly a prosumer site of Linux can be very useful.

  7. sydney2k

    Happy Ides of March Brad,

    when do you think Microsoft will return to in-person events? So far, all the events that have been held this year have been online, but do you see in-person events happening later this year, or do you think it won't be until 2023?

  8. jay wolf

    Hi Brad . Happy Friday!

    What are your thoughts on the depatures seen at The Initiative. Is Perfect Dark in trouble or is the whole situation being blown out of proportion? And does Microsoft need to be more hands on when it comes to building a studio from the ground up ?

    • usman

      I want to piggy back off this and ask the same question about 343, you were well aware that there were multiple issues inside the studio to get the game out on time.

      Post-launch content is dry and for a live service, there hasn't really been a roadmap and content recycling. The majority of the people featured in the Multiplayer Reveal have also left the company.

      Should they have just released it as a typical game and then work on the next game instead of going for a live service model?

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