Questions for 3/27?


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  1. MrPKI

    Providing the traditional last question of the week: do you think that Microsoft will be limited in releasing features for Windows client and server when everyone is working at home and no lab environments can be configured for device/hardware testing?

  2. kurtJ

    Do you think that the Lockhart Xbox could be just under the PS5 spec but also be a disk-less system for further cost reduction?

  3. kleanzlate

    Hey Brad.

    Microsoft is doing amazing things with Flight Simulator 2020. Do you know if any of their studios is incorporating cloud technology in any of their upcoming games?

    Also, do you know of any plans from Microsoft to expand their Xbox services to more countries?

  4. bart

    Yesterday (March 26) Microsoft announced the aquisition of Affirmed Networks, a company that provides virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions. What is the likelihood of MS launching a Google Fi competitior?

  5. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad, Microsoft talked a lot about latency especially regarding its new controller.

    I just bought a new Elite 2 controller, what does that mean for me? To enjoy better latency I would buy a new "normal" controller? Or will there be some kind of firmware upgrade to gain the same latency improvements the new controller support?

  6. averroda

    Hey Brad,

    Dell seemed to push out a substantial update to its dell mobile connect app for Windows 10 which offered a lot of options for iOS. Unfortunately this app on seems to work the best with Dell products. When does Microsoft plan to catch up their Your Phone app to challenge dell on iOS functionality? Why does Dell seem to have better luck working with Apple than Microsoft on getting iPhones to work with windows 10?

  7. will

    I was talking with a friend that mentioned that Bluetooth 5.0 was just as good as the Xbox Wireless protocol and I'm curious if this is true and why the next Xbox would not adopt Bluetooth for things such as AirPods and Surface Headphones? Why restrict people to just Xbox only peripherals?

  8. pk driven


    Hope you are staying safe during these crazy times.

    Have you heard anything about a HP/Valve/Microsoft next gen VR headset?

    I know Phil has said VR isn't front and center for the Xbox Series X, but it's got to be an option they're considering right? Maybe for 2021?

    Also, any new info on that Surface Book 3? I'm seeing reports of both a new Book with AMD CPU & GPU combo and also a new Book with the latest and greatest Intel. Oh and what do you think the likely hood of this new Surface still coming out of the Spring?

    Thanks again for everything you do and please stay safe out there!

  9. IanYates82

    Outlook (desktop client) & Teams had a feature announced the other week where I could have an email in Outlook then click a button to get that email in to Teams. Microsoft said it'd be out but I can't see it, despite me seeing the feature they added to Teams that takes things the other way (from Teams, I can take a thread to an email, although only via Outlook online).

    Any news on this?

  10. psychoker

    Hey Brad , is the Home Hub still in the making , because Windows 10x would be great for it. And with the upcoming Microsoft 365 Life it would be a great packeg.

    An little side question , what do you think about a Surface Smartwatch

    Have a great day ✌