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  1. lenalfred

    Do you think Windows (20H1) and Azure update release sync is a sign of Windows becoming more cloud driven? Is Windows Lite the intelligent edge Satya was referring to? Could this be the reason why Microsoft is pushing for always connected PCs, which accommodates for cloud/streaming computing. Is "XCloud" a sign of such a move?

  2. Kevin Costa

    Having the future plans in the gaming space in mind, in your opinion, how Microsoft is dealing with old Xbox One hardware (for example the original one) and Kinect? Do you think that someday this group of users will have to buy newer hardware to continue to play their games? Will the Kinect (and its games) be unsupported someday in newer Xbox releases?

  3. felipe.costa09

    As far I know, Microsoft will announce WCOS(someday) more focus on new device experiences and specifics needs like education, but do you think they will launch a flavor of WCOS for IT Pros and Enterprise or they will keep updating Windows 10 for them?

  4. felipe.costa09

    With WCOS do you think is in the short-medium plan to introduce also a useful watch experience?

  5. Lewk

    With Microsoft pivoting Edge by starting from scratch with Chromium, do you think they should rebrand the browser? And if so, do you think Microsoft actually will rebrand it?

  6. Bdsrev

    Hi Brad, Surface question: AMD is coming out with new chips on 7nm soon and they're expected to match or exceed Intel's chips in CPU performance, GPU performance and battery life too. They might even be cheaper than Intel's chips! Do you think we'll see at least 1 Surface computer with this 7nm AMD chip this year? It would be very disappointing and crazy if they didn't offer at least 1 Surface computer with these 7nm AMD chips

  7. willr

    Brad what do you think Microsoft is gonna call the next-gen Xbox? There's no way they'll go with "Xbox Two", right?

  8. felipe.costa09

    Brad, what do you think it’s gonna happen with markets that survive based on ”old windows”, like endpoint security, in case WCOS be very successful?

  9. simont

    I am assuming you use OneNote for note taking. Do you have a specific organization strategy for it?

  10. TheJoeFin

    Do you think the Windows reorganization under Azure people will make it easier or harder for Microsoft to attract talent to work on Windows 10?