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  1. adamcorbally

    Do you think Microsoft should be doing more to make affordable pc's, laptops and tablets attractive via the store and hardware? Most of the admittedly excellent hardware is out of reach for current customers, games in the windows store only run on the best hardware, why not get some Xbox 360 games in the store that most people can run? Why isn't age of empires in there? it would be something that android tablets and iPads couldn't do but PC's could, they could even charge people for Xbox live to use them

  2. mercblue281

    Azure RemoteApp is getting canned which is unfortunate. The supposed services that are available as a replacement are from Citrix, Mycloudit and others all seem like much more expensive options and some aren't feasible for small businesses. Even simply running azure vm's capable enough to act as an RDS host is prohibitively expensive. Is there any acknowledgement by MSFt that the cloud services they need small customers to jump on board and use might e held back by the operating cost of the vm's themselves? With the discontinuance of Azure RemoteApp services it feels like a push back toward running on prem. This is frustrating because running RDS via azure is a magnificent way of eliminating single points of failure and possible power and connectivity issues faced by single or no location businesses.

  3. mercblue281

    also... it is tax time. Please recommend that anyone transferring documents to/from their accountants take some well informed steps... 1) use Office Lens to make a PDF of documents if using your smartphone as a scanner. For all that is holy in the world do not send your accountant some sideways or upside down jpeg.

    2) encrypt documentation whenever possible and call your accountant out if they don't - this stuff has identity thief gold in it people - be careful.

    3) use email but be mindful of its security limitations and if something should be protected try to use onedrive.  some larger firms have their own file transfer services too.

    Always keep securing your data at the forefront of mind.

  4. Averroda

    Hey Brad, long time listener and first time asking a question. Samsung released 3 tablets at MWC, 2 of which were running windows 10.  With W10 on ARM coming this fall, what are the odds that we see a Galaxy S8 or maybe even their rumored foldable display phone running W10 on ARM?  Maybe to try and break into the enterprise?

    • c1c2c3c4c

      In reply to c1c2c3c4c: well, not sure if that posted or if I stumbled onto a bug. question was about competitor reaction to the allegedly lower surfacebook 2 price point that is allegedly already in factories pre announcement.

  5. IsaacDaly

    What's a feature of the Creator's Update that normal users will actually care about?

  6. MerlinE.

    Why is Groove getting so much Update Love but so little promotion attention from Microsoft?

    Do you think Cortana Skills will come out of hiding before Half Life 3 comes out?

  7. JimP

    Will Microsoft ever update their podcast app?

  8. rtodd_us

    What is your recommendation for Last Pass given that it has been hacked twice? I would like to add 2 factor authentication to it, but my wife already finds last pass an inconvenience. Should I muddy the waters further by adding 2 factor authentication to the account and try the trust device option (this did not work appropriately the last time I did this) or is this latest hack much ado about nothing?