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  1. Kudupa

    Will Microsoft ever make their movies&tv app platform egnostic? Apple has a walled garden and Android solutions are extremely broken between computers, phones and TV. If Microsoft can open up their service and put it on all stores including Amazon they might take the market entirely. What do you think?

  2. Kudupa

    I know this is my second question, so hopefully you will answer. So here it goes, Can Microsoft make a deal with cable service providers to make Xbox their default DVR cable box. They can even make it a contract system with $0 upfront. What do you think?

  3. elmwoodie

    I suspect that the Harman Kardon's Cortana-based smart speaker clone of Amazon Echo will cost more than $300.  What do you think?

  4. MrPKI was taken down once, but it is back up again and you can still search and find tons of PII and sensitive information. Why do you think Microsoft is not concerned about this exposure of customer information?

  5. TheReminder

    Windows 10 Update isn't anymore PC only OS, it's PC, Mobile, HoloLens, Mix Reality, Xbox, Surface Hub, Lot, etc. Shall we considered all the Windows10 Creator Update features across all these devices or only we count those added to PC?

  6. gjsmyth

    Hi Brad. One of the reasons my family is all in Microsoft/Windows products (phones/tablets/pc but no xbox) is Microsoft Family for management of devices for my kids.

    Family works great and has enormous potential but still does not have a couple obvious and critical features esp sharing of Store-purchased content (music, music subscription, tv/movies content, purchased apps).

    Recently Google added family management tools eating into the differentiation microsoft had in this area. Thoughts?

    Also I received an email from MS Family in early December that included advice

    "Soon your family will have a shared Outlook family calendar." I haven't heard anything since and not announced as part of creators update so wondering what's going on. No indication in email that it is tied to Office 365 Home. Any info? Do you think related to the family features Windows Central talked about a while ago(calendar over lock screen)? Do you think next Windows will be Family Update?

  7. andrewtechhelp

    In reply to elmwoodie:

    Version 4.1.44 is now available. I actually think LastPass is doing a pretty decent job at keeping LastPass up to date on Microsoft Edge, they're only normally a day or two behind (maybe less) than Google Chrome and Firefox. Part of the delay (LastPass has mentioned this before) is they have to go through certification in the Windows Store (like all things on the Windows Store do), so that'll add a little delay.