Questions for 4/1?


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  1. thejoefin

    Could Teams for Life (or whatever it is called) be Microsoft's play to move past Outlook? An email pane in Teams would basically remove the need for me to use Outlook.

  2. Migui

    Two questions today: first, What do you think about the fact that people is buying (or will be buying) start11 to avoid Windows Ads? I think it's a shame because they have a very competitive OS and MacOS doesn't do this (I think). My other question, do you think that Xbox will have some VR headset on the future? (Maybe a third party one?)

  3. mrpki

    Hi Brad - can you give us a rating and TV show review for the new Halo series? First your initial rating and your weekly rating as they come out? So far, the reviews seem to be strongly mixed.

    And since you have been our vacationing, do you think Microsoft is going to eventually turn off and block the people who are running Windows 11 on machines that are not compliance with the processor and TPM?

  4. Stedmister

    With a possible family teir coming for gamepass. What do you see happing to Xbox Live Gold? I am a grandfathered yearly xbox live gold member and quite a casual gamer so the value of many games doesn't suit me currently (giabnt back catalog of unplaced games), yet I like to play online. Do you see maybe an xbox live gold teir changing to maybe a game pass lite teir, with no cloud streaming and just downloadable titles or dropping the online multiplayer requirement for all games entirly?

  5. harrymyhre

    Recurring revenue streams

    Can you foresee a day when carmakers implement advertising in their cars? The screens are all over the cars. Those infotainment screens for backseat passengers. They will start putting ass on those screens. Whether you like it or not.

    And the front screens will play while you're waiting at a stoplight.

    D.O.T will look the other way. It's all About the $$$

  6. usman

    Hey Brad, there's a report/rumor in the pc hardware scene that the Steam Deck APU was initially designed for a Surface product but never made it to market.

    Would this have just been a Laptop / Pro refresh with that APU or were they working on a gaming handheld?

  7. chris_h

    Hey Brad,

    What are your thoughts on where Microsoft should go next with hololens: should they focus on corporate / industry Or scrap it

    And do you think vr on Xbox will arrive eventually? If so, when?



  8. madthinus

    With the Windows event next week and the news this week that there is no build to test, I assume the build next week will be really the first look at what will ship as Windows 11 22H2. Once again they are shipping features without any time to incorporate community feedback. It is clear that this is the Panos way. The only question then is, will we see the solid follow-up like Windows 7 was to Windows Vista or are we once again on a path out of sync with reality?

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